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Latest news on schools returning

“All schools in England are going back from 8 March, the prime minister has confirmed, with schools able to decide a phased return during that week.” There are plans for mass Covid testing to take place for secondary school pupils and attendance to school will be compulory.

Wales are taking a phased approach with 3-7 year olds returning this week, there’s hope that year 11 and 13 pupils will return on 15th March along with other primary school children. There’s a view for other secondary school pupils to return after Easter.

Younger pupils have returned to the classroom in Scotland with a limited part-time return for senior secondary pupils as they also plan a phased return. A wider reopening is still being decided upon. For now, other students will continue to learn from home and are unlikely to return until at least March 15th.

It seems there’s still more to be heard for the plans in Northern Ireland but so far there are plans for children in years 1-3 and potentially those in pre-school to return on 8th March. Other pupils are not expected to return before the Easter break at the start of April.

How are you feeling about this?


I think we need to carry on and whatever happens, happens… I hope for the students’ sakes that it does, I think all of my students (primary and secondary) are really suffering from the social side (I think that most students will catch up/curriculum amended for next few years). I do think it will lead to an increased workload for a few years yet for us tutors…


I think great Tutors will be needed more than ever - lets be there when they need us most!


Its been surprising how well Tutoring has held up in a very fluid situation - its tempting fate to say so but it seems to have gone from strength to strength. The next crunch point I think will be exam results, at some point I am expecting private tutoring to come under scrutiny - lets see what happens
Paul - History


I’ve been a little worried about this too. Let’s see what happens…


I think we might see tutoring become more regulated, for example, with the establishment of the National Tutoring Programme. I’m not sure that will be a bad thing though, as I think it’s taking steps to recognise the incredible difference one-to-one intervention can make! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I think regulation would be good but have you seen any job ads for the National Tutoring programme? The bar is (in some) terrifyingly low :cry:

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Thanks for keeping us all up to date, @Rachel_Tutorful! I know it can sometimes be difficult for us all to keep on top of everything at the moment when things are changing so rapidly and so much is still up in the air.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing that students are going back to school, as long as the appropriate safety measures are in place. I know that many of my students have struggled with learning from home. I hope that a return to the school environment will be better for them academically, socially and mentally as well. It’s been very difficult for lots of young people.

I think that it’s important for tutors to continue to help and support students however we can whilst taking care of our own mental health and workloads as well. That’s why I’m so glad that there’s a community of us here at Tutorful to share experiences and anxieties, and offer help and support wherever we can.