Late cancellations

Can we get the option to charge half when cancelling a lesson? My last lesson of the day has cancelled with 10 minutes notice, but only by messaging me, so to charge half they would have to cancel it, or I will have to wait till after the lesson and refund half. It’s just a bit of a pain.
Please do let me know if this is already a thing and I’m being a fool!

If the client cancels within 12 hours then it is charged at 50%.

When the tutor cancels before the lesson starts then no fee can be charged.

I thought it was that. I usually get the students just messaging me rather than cancelling. I may have to just ask them to cancel it on tutorful

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Suppose what you could do is keep the lesson there, just edit it to 50% of the fee.


It’s ideal if students can do the ancelling their end. :slight_smile:

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Heather,for this I would not be letting them get away with paying 50%. 10 mins beforehand is not enough. (Tbh, even 12 hrs before is slim). I would already be in the lesson uploading materials. I would wait until the lesson time start has passed before contacting them back. They need to contact Tutorful themselves- dont feel pressurised into cancelling from your side!

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Thanks, I’ll definitely keep that in mind for next time. I feel a bit tied with it, as its tutorful policy that it’s half charge if it’s 12 hours before. With students I have outside or tutorful I charge the full rate if its 24 hours or less.

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what was the reason behind them cancelling? I think it’s difficult to judge how fair something is without the context. If it was an emergency I would be more inclined to say 50% is fair. If it was, say, “student couldn’t get out of bed” then maybe they should’ve been charged the full price.

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She was away and they forgot to tell me. So not really one I’d usually refund.