Jobs board....quiet?!

Hi everyone, just wondering if it’s me…or is the jobs board super quiet at the moment? (considering exams are looming!). I tutor for English Language GCSE and not seeing much going on, I have to say. I know jobs can disappear quickly, but I feel like it’s dropped off recently…

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I agree it has been really quiet, I don’t usually reply to requests on there if I do see them as the success rate is low but I always check out of habit. I’ve been fortunate this year to be contacted by students who are interested in my tuition which is a complete 180 from this time last year.

I would love to see how other subject tutors are finding the jobs board (I am maths)


Well I have been glancing at the jobs board over the last couple of weeks and have not seen a single job on offer. This was more for curiosity as I do not want to take anyone else on at the moment.

It probably is not that surprising as everyone that wants a tutor probably has one already and you should see jobs being advertised again after the exams in late June.

Luckily I am in a position that I do not need to reply to jobs anymore as I can quickly(within 1 week) get all the students that I need from them contacting me when my profile is set to online.

To be honest I’m not bothered right now about getting long-term tuition, but usually there’s a few folk looking for a last-minute bit of help around GCSE time. I get most of my students from the jobs board- occasionally I do get direct requests, but even then they don’t necessarily go forwards. I do find it bizarre when someone messages me about one of the more specialist subjects I teach, and despite me replying promptly, I get nothing back…

Think it’s more that the jobs are going almost instantaneously due to how many applications they are getting quickly. Whenever I have seen one it has been up 10 minutes and received 3-4 applications, cannot imagine that any job is getting 15 minutes before it’s pulled after hitting the 5 application threshold.

I know they can go quick, but I would expect to at least see them some of the time, and I’m not…

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From my experience here it is very hard to get clients by replying on the jobs board, unless you are prepared to go quite cheap(25 pounds an hour or less).

I was “offline” from September to January this academic year and applied for well over a hundred jobs that came to nothing.

Went "online’ for just a week and got 4 hours of tuition at the same rate I was advertising in.

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But surely if you were offline, that’s why you didn’t get the jobs, as the potential clients wouldn’t have been able to view your profile?
I start from £30ph, and I’d say I probably end up tutoring around 1 in 5 of any jobs I apply to. However, I probably only get a direct enquiry once a month, and even those don’t always work out, which is why the jobs board is useful for me.

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I think that is partly the reason.

Also clients may think that people that reply on the jobs board are desperate and so that may put them off.

I can’t see what’s “desperate” about applying on a jobs board? I do other freelancing in art which requires me to pitch an idea to a panel…that’s just how the process works.

You need to understand how clients are introduced to the platform by Tutorful.

They are told that they can search for tutors and only the most experienced and best ones are at the top of the list.

Naturally they would think that the ones applying on the jobs board would be the ones that are either new or are not ranked highly and so need to apply for jobs as they cannot get them by being messaged by clients.

Not necessarily- I’ve taught over 300hrs on the platform and I think it comes up with over 25 repeat students for me, so I would imagine I can be found fine. If people want hand-picked tutors they will use an agency.

It wont matter as naturally a client would think why you would need to apply for jobs if you were such a in-demand tutor.

Anyway we are not going to agree and let us leave it as going round in circles now.

Ok, well it’s interesting to see other people’s interpretations of how it works…i wonder if it’s particular to subject/region that makes certain tutors so popular.

I’m pretty sure that the number of hours taught and repeat students are only relevant in the search if a client filters for those criteria.

The default search ranking called ‘recommended’ is based on your repeat client score and booking score. Not sure if reviews matter.

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I would guess reviews would matter if there were two tutors in the search ranking, both offer at the same price, client likes both profiles similarly but one has appreciably more 5* reviews than the other.

Yes I’m sure reviews matter for encouraging client choice, but I don’t think they matter for your place in the search ranking. Not sure though.

I’ve not been contacted all year (apart from 1) I feel like I’ve disappeared! And I never get a reply when I respond to the ‘jobs’. It’s very quiet, for me. In fact, it’s dead quiet!

I think the current economic climate may be quite an important factor in the number of lesson requests we are receiving. I have noticed a definite decline in the amount of requests I have had recently, I would assume that the cost of living crisis we are currently facing is playing a large part in determining how many people feel they can afford private tuition.


Agreed, I thought it was just me!