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JAGs entrance exam query

I’m tutoring a Year 1 child about to sit Jags entrance. It was the 7 plus but now they are doing it this month so it won’t be that level… I don’t really know about these private school entrance tests. Anyone an expert? Might even pass my student to you for intensive prep!

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I’ve done a few 11+ Plus papers but not 7+, but to be honest, they look very similar. What do you teach?

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I’m an ex-primary teacher so usually just support children who need a boost for school.
These tests have quite surprised me with how hard they are for little people!
The Mum has purchased some 6+ papers so I’ll hopefully be OK working through those.
She confused me today saying we needed to practice some problem solving questions? I am used to those for Maths but this was part of English…and these are not reading comprehension so not sure what she is getting at there!

I think she may mean the non verbal reasoning questions. I suggest bond books but there are others.

I tutor 11+ and CEM.