Is there any point booking trial lessons?

Does anyone know if there is any particular benefit, for the first lesson with a new student, to booking trial lessons, rather than just a regular (non-repeat) lesson?

It looks like you can set the price for either to whatever you want above £5, so what’s the difference?

I have used trial lessons with most of my students. I not only see it as a way to show my teaching style, but also to get to know the level the students have. Then, I feel more comfortable tailoring for their lessons. And I believe they feel more at ease booking recurring sessions after this. I haven’t had any student who hasn’t booked after a trial lesson…free chats, that’s another story!

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Yes I certainly understand the concept and value of a trial lesson - my question was more about the tutorful functionality.

When I book a first lesson with a new student there is a drop down menu and two of the options are book ‘trial lesson’ or just book ‘lesson’.

I’m wondering if there is any functional difference between these two options other than the name?