In-Person tutoring is now live!

Hi all,

We’re really pleased to say that today marks the return of face-to-face lessons here at Tutorful!

Whilst we’ve thoroughly enjoyed becoming experts in online learning, and finding new ways to ensure that learning online can be fun, efficient, and a seamless experience, we want to be the go-to platform for anyone who needs any kind of tuition in the UK.

We know that every student learns in different ways and we want to make learning as inclusive and accessible as possible, so it is important to us to ensure we have a solution for everyone.

The way to do this is by letting students take control of their own learning, and giving tutors the option of deciding how they feel they can best help them. That’s why, from today, students will be able to choose whether they are better suited to having their lessons in-person, online, or even a mixture of both.

We know that there are many benefits to online tutoring that still are true today, such as being able to teach from your home, and easily fit students around your schedule. However, through Tutorful, these benefits still apply to in-person lessons!

You’ll be able to have a mix of in-person and online tutoring, so you can fit in-person lessons around your existing online schedule - you can choose if you want to teach in-person lessons, and if you do, you can still teach a mix of both in-person and online! You can also choose where you’d like to deliver your lessons, and if you’re happy to, how far you’d be willing to travel. You can do this by heading to your teaching preferences setting - you can find more information about how to do so here.

We’re really excited to see the variety of ways that our tutors are able to help students achieve their learning goals with the addition of in-person tutoring at Tutorful, and as always, we’d love to hear more about your experiences once you’ve either started or resumed teaching in-person lessons!

(Tutor Lead)