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If there was one thing you could change... 🤔

I have to say that I agree with a lot of this. I do tend to have long term clients but I do find the ‘booking score’ frustrating. I would say that only 30-50 % of enquires that I get result in a booking.
Very often, that’s because:

  1. The wrong subject is requested
  2. Times are requested that are not available
  3. I suspect that some parents send ‘mass’ requests to see which tutors reply (which is totally their right to do!) but often results in me never hearing back.

All of these factors can result in poor booking score, which is a shame :slightly_frowning_face:


Yes I agree with this Rosie! I think instead a limit of four applications. We should at least be told the post is closed or that they went with someone else. I like to respond quick and apply for jobs almost everyday I see them. I noticed when I stop looking is when I get them my ratings are always high but sometimes that doesn’t matter.


Ops maybe not for all haha!

I think it’s a personal problem my students like to rub out and go crazy with it but the undo system allow them to correct but I also understand where your coming from!


Thanks so much for your feedback on the scores system @Rosie_A @sanak_tutor and outlining the problems you have faced with it. I will add this to the feedback that I previously passed on following the posts from IBD and ns.tutoring. :smile: We really appreciate hearing your thoughts! If you do feel that your scores are unfairly impacted, I would definitely suggest getting in touch with the team so that we can look into it support you further.

Really interesting to see different views on the eraser in the classroom, I’ve passed on all of the feedback left so far, mentioning the differing views on this.

We are hoping to add a padlock feature to the classroom soon which will allow tutors to have better control over when a student can use the whiteboard features, does this sound like something that would help in those situations @sanak_tutor ? :slightly_smiling_face:


In response to the padlock feature, that would be perfect for me with younger children as some of mine have a habit of messing around and will experiment with every tool they can see rather than doing what is asked! I definitely think this would work for younger students


I think a padlock feature would be great - especially for those younger students! Hopefully that would solve your issue as well @sanak_tutor ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi Rosie,

There’s definitely some improvements we could make here (and we’re working on some of them now!). You shouldn’t worry too much if there is the odd customer who doesn’t book. We compare your figure to the average of every tutor on the site, and 50% of customers having a lesson is actually a very good figure overall :grinning:



(quick note to mods: if someone deletes a post by accident, maybe don’t then block them posting it again on the grounds it’s “too similar”)

Hard agree with your comments re: tutor scores. I had two clients who started sending me very weird messages (one was abusive, one was downright creepy). I cancelled lessons with the two of them, which obviously dinged my scores. I contacted Tutorful about it, and they told me there was nothing they could do, and I should try harder to get more clients! Seemingly they would prefer that tutors put up with bad clients indefinitely instead of allowing us to make executive decisions on what is most beneficial for both us and our students.


I would like to be able to share my screen with my students and also see the video of them. It’s quite hard to teach someone without seeing them, mostly only a problem for the younger ones who are usually drawing on the whiteboard!


Hi @marcywestamacott, thank you for this feedback and sorry for any frustration that this has caused. This happens as when a post gets deleted, it is not immediately removed from the site (even though the content of the post becomes hidden from view) and the site thinks the same thing is being posted twice. If you do accidentally delete a post, you can restore it by clicking the three dots under your post and clicking the undo arrow, as shown here:
Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 20.14.56

I’m so sorry to hear you feel that way about tutor scores. When a tutor faces problems with their scores, our Tutor Expert team will always offer advice and support based on individual situations. We will always offer our advice on how you can improve your score and should that not work for you we will look at how we can support you further.

I’m also sorry to hear of your experience with those two students, this is something we take very seriously but I’m unable to discuss or go into detail relating to your specific account in this space. If you could please get in touch with us next week during our office opening hours, I would really like to discuss this with you further.

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Hi @Alice,

Thanks for this feedback, I will be sure to pass it on to our Product team who are working on our classroom!

It’s worth noting that we will soon be introducing a ‘padlock’ option to the classroom too, which will allow tutors to control when students can and can’t use the whiteboard tools - this should be really helpful for tutors of younger students who can’t resist the whiteboard. :grin: I know exactly what you mean though, it would still be important to see each other so I will make sure that this is passed on - really appreciate your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like the Tutorful website and find it quite easy to use.

One of the main things I’d change if possible, would be the white board in the virtual classroom. When I’m teaching music, I could do with us having no whiteboard at all and instead having the video on full screen - could this be possible to arrange?(or perhaps it already is but I just haven’t discovered how to do it yet! :slight_smile: )

Also - (OK so 2 points here rather than 1!) - I have a teaching qualification that isn’t listed in the teaching qualification options: CELTA. Is there any way that CELTA and a few others like PTTLS and DELTA (for those who have them) could be included? I have already mentioned it in my tutor profile but I’d love it if it could be listed more officially as well. :slight_smile:


Hi @LouisaT, thank you for such lovely feedback!

I’m really pleased to say that you can use full-screen video in the classroom! How you access it differs depending on which classroom you are using at the moment (as you may have heard, we will soon be switching tutors to our new classroom but you may currently still be using the old one).

If you’re using the old classroom, click here to see how to access full screen video. Do be aware that for this one, you need to be using Google Chrome as your browser as other browsers are not compatible with this feature.

If you’re using our new classroom, click here and you’ll see a short video at the top of the page named ‘video controls’ which talks you through how to access full-screen video.

I hope this helps but just let me know if you need any more information on this :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for this feedback, I will pass this on internally - hopefully, they are something we can look to add to the site! :smiley:

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Have you tried Microsoft Whiteboard with the screen share facility in the classroom? Not only does it give you the functions that you are asking about, but it also allows the student to download it or can provide a continuous dialogue with the student.


Theres a few things.

  1. maybe a block chained attendance register to show both Tutor and Student have attended
  2. The dashboard repeat score I feel can be unfair as some people really only want to consult!
  3. Tutorful perhaps helping with the “what should I charge” and suggest a payment rather than leaving it “to the market”
  4. I am quite willing to help with related subjects like networking , formal methods etc, but if a student cannot find a tutor on a detailed specialism , you should not need to take a risk to protect your rating! when you are trying to help them

Hi @mark-tutorful - thanks for clarifying this. It’s a relief to hear! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I have had a few further ideas since I last posted.

  • Being able to delete students from the list of students when booking someone in. There are many people to scroll through on my account that either had a single session to do one particular area, or have passed and moved on. Please can we mark students as closed/complete?
  • It would be more useful to me if we could see the student’s name in addition to/instead of the parent’s name when receiving reminders. I have a lot of students from here and sometimes it can get confusing when I see the parent’s name and have to remember who their child is.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Tony,
thank you for this feedback. That’s a really interesting point about tutor and student attendance - is this something you think would be useful for both the tutor and student to be able to see?

I will respond to your other three points individually below but do be assured that I will pass on all of this feedback internally. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry to hear you feel that the repeat client score can be unfair. Whilst I do understand that there are some initial lessons that won’t lead to repeat bookings/ some students who only want a one-off lesson, I wouldn’t worry too much about this as your score is compared with an average of all tutors on the site. If you do find your score to be dropping for reasons you feel are our of your control, do get in touch with the team and they will be happy to support and advise you further with this.

We like to give our tutors the freedom to set their own rates as we know that rates can vary depending on the subject, level, tutor qualifications and tutoring experience. However, we do offer guidance around rates - find more information on this here. We also recommend looking at what other tutors in a similar field with similar experience are charging as we have found this has really helped our tutors when setting their rate.

We definitely wouldn’t want you to feel pressured to take on a student if you don’t feel you’re the right tutor for them. What I’d recommend in these cases is to advise the student to get in touch with the team who will support them in finding a tutor to match their needs. With regards to the impact that this could have on your score, again I would take reassurance in that the score is compared with an average of all tutors on the site and always know that we are here to help should you have any concerns or need any advice related to your score.

I hope this helps, do let me know if you have any questions or if you feel there is anything I’ve not covered there. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Alice, no need to be sorry at all, it’s always great to hear feedback from different tutors even if it’s related to other feedback shared. I have previously passed on feedback similar to this but I will make sure that your thoughts are passed on too.

Thank you for taking the time to share this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @HenryG, it’s great to see you helping out another tutor. :sparkles:

Please do let us know if there are features you feel would be good to have in the classroom as I would love to pass these on to our Product team. From your post, I can see that you would find downloading content and having a chat function to be useful features, which is great to hear and is something other tutors have previously mentioned too. Hopefully, these are features we can look to add in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to hear any other thoughts you have about our classroom :smiley:

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