If there was one thing you could change... 🤔

It would be good if I didn’t have to click through my messages after every lesson to remove the message notification caused by the " You can access your completed lesson [here]" thing.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for posting about this, I have passed this feedback on to our Product Team :slight_smile:

Could the downloaded pages be compressed more effectively? 13mb seems huge for a whiteboard file!

Now that Tutorful is focusing online only, I think it should be the default setting when you book in students - I’ve often forgot to change it and it’s come up with ‘student’s address’, which means I am sometimes late for the lesson. Just something to think about :slight_smile:


Please create a way for the parents to HAVE to search using time availability of tutors because I have had MULTIPLE people message me for days/times I’m not available and when I go through the correct procedure, I get the same message of me ensuring my availability is up to date even though it is? Parents don’t look at availability and it’s very frustrating. I’ve even had to suggest to some parents to look at a tutors availability before messaging them. I’m sick of being penalised for something that is not my fault.


Hi @marcusjolley,

Thank you for your feedback! Those downloaded files are part of our old classroom and we are currently working to switch all of our tutors over to our new classroom. Once you’re switched over in the coming weeks, you will notice a difference here as rather than downloading the classroom files, you will have post-lesson access to the whiteboards through your Tutorful account, as explained here. :slight_smile:

Hi Katy,

Thanks a lot for this feedback - I’ve passed it on to the team :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I don’t know if this would be relevant to anyone else but I use Google Docs for everything. I write all my lesson materials on Google Docs. I don’t know how to logistics of this would work but it would be amazing if we could upload documents to the online classroom straight from Google Docs. It would really save downloading and uploading the same document half a dozen times.



Hi @ns.tutoring,

I’m so sorry to hear that a lot of students have been contacting you outside of your availability! There is an option to filter by availability when students are searching for a tutor but it’s not mandatory that people use that filter. I guess that sometimes, students will be really interested in having you as a tutor and may want to see if there’s a workaround or chance of availability coming up so I would always recommend suggesting an alternative time to see if that could work for them. However, I do think it’s a really good point that it seems people aren’t reading your profile and I can see why this would be really frustrating!

I have passed this on to our Product team along with similar feedback in another thread from a few other tutors, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for sharing this idea, I have passed your thoughts on to our Product team who are working on the online classroom. :slight_smile:

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I know this is something people have brought up before, but it’s just happened to me so I may as well mention it too!

I currently have 9 ratings, 8 of them 5/5 one of them 4/5.

My profile now appears to have a rating of 4.5 stars because the system will only show 5/5 stars on your profile if you have an average rating of something like 4.95.

This seems a little too high of a bar? It seems to me that if your rating is 4.9 (maybe even 4.8?), your profile stars image should round that up and show that as 5 stars.

I saw a tutor with 50 ratings, 47 5/5 and only 3 4/5. This was enough to cause them to have 4.5 stars displayed on their profile. Ouch!

We are currently getting our hard-earned ratings rounded down in what seems to me to be a very harsh way. Why is 4.95 the number our profile star display rounds up, and 4.9 the number it rounds down?

This really matters, it sticks out on the search rankings very visibly.


Hi @JoeL - I have to echo this. I had something like 18 5* reviews and 1 4* (I was chuffed to bits with this). My profile showed up as 4.5 stars …


This is happening to me A LOT. Really frustrating and time-consuming, thanks for raising :slight_smile:


I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this! It is so frustrating and like you said, time consuming. Hopefully it’ll be sorted soon!

Hopefully - I’d be chill if they didn’t simultaneously measure our booking scores :joy: if the system is going to measure it, then the system needs to also be clever enough to only judge us based on what we can control. It doesn’t work with one without the other.


Thank you for all of this feedback on how your overall review rating is calculated! I’m really sorry to hear how much this has frustrated you all and I know it’s something that was raised in another thread too, as Joe said.

I have passed all of this feedback on internally. As always, we really appreciate hearing your thoughts on how we can improve. :slight_smile:


I do get a bit anxious when clients do this. One of my client wrote a nice review qnd is happy with the service I provide but then gave me 3 stars. I was beyond annoyed.


I strongly agree with the comments on star rating. One mildly cautious rating is enough to knock you from 5 stars, which isn’t helped by the fact that they’re automatically asked to leave a review after just a few sessions so won’t have seen long term improvement yet. It also doesn’t seem right that someone consistently getting 4s and 5s appears the same as someone getting 5s 95% of the time.


I had a video chat booked to check that technology works before booking a first lesson. Something didn’t work and Tutorful office kindly sorted out the problem with the client.

Bizarrely I can’t book a replacement video chat. Instead we go this this farcical procedure.

I phone the help line.
Help line credits client with £5
Help line books trial lesson for £5 at the time that I and the client had already agreed.
I contact client to explain that I can’t be around for the 30minutes stated for the trial lesson - I simply have to get away after 20 minutes max.

And if thats not crazy enough. If the client cancels the trial lesson and walks away in frustration at this stage - they made a £5 profit.

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yes, this would be a very welcome change. I don’t mind the notification the first time for a new student, but it has been a little annoying to keep getting these

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