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If there was one thing you could change... 🤔

Feedback is so valuable to us. In the past year alone, we have been able to make many positive changes after getting feedback from our users.

If there was one thing you could change about the Tutorful site, what would it be? Maybe there’s something missing that you’d like to see us add?

Use the ‘reply’ button below to let me know your thoughts :sparkles:

I don’t know if this is the right bit, but is there anyway we could have a scientific calculator in the online classroom? Sometimes I have to explain how to use them for particular functions and it would make it much easier if we could see it on the screen.


That’s a really interesting point @MusketFifeandDrum, I think it’s so easy to forget about ourselves when looking out for others and sometimes taking that leap or making a change for the better does lead you to reflect and wonder if it’s something you could have done sooner! :relaxed:
I’m glad to hear that you found something that makes you really happy. Thanks for sharing!

You’re definitely in the right category @ClaireC :relaxed: Thank you for making such a great suggestion - I will pass your idea over to our Product team and see if it’s something they could look to add to the classroom. Really appreciate your feedback :sparkles:

I really miss the feature where you could download the whiteboard, it was helpful for students to keep as a reminder of what we’ve been working on, and also meant I didn’t have to keep drawing the same diagram!


Yes, I would love this idea too!

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I agree sometimes students do work in the screens and I can’t upload the work so I have to screen grab! Would be a great idea to add back the download button!


Hi Rachel,

In my recent lesson I put some bullet points of things the online tool could include I will update this when I remember stuff but here are some ideas…

  • A copy and paste button
  • To delete the eraser button and just have a undo tool
  • Permission for students to take control on tutors side
  • Zoom in and out is tricky need to just share one page at one side portrait or landscape.
  • Feed back forms from students how lesson went after they finish lesson or where tutor can improve.

Thanks Sana


Thanks @Julia great to hear that this is something you would find useful too, thanks! I’ve passed this suggestion over to our Product team :sparkles:

@ClaireC @Julia While we don’t currently have a scientific calculator available within the classroom, you may wish to download or find a scientific calculator online and share your screen so your student can see! Does this sound like something that could work for you? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts @TomJ ! I can see why that would be really useful :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve passed this over to our Product team, I know they really love to hear what would make our product even better. :sparkles:

This is great, thanks @sanak_tutor! Definitely keep posting your thoughts, as we love to hear them. :sparkles:

I’ve sent your suggestions over to our Product team :slightly_smiling_face:I really like your idea of a student being able to leave you feedback after the lesson! I wonder if other tutors would find that really valuable, too :apple:

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Yes I think that could work for me!

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I really like the new classroom, especially the new features like being able to see which part of the whiteboard the student can see. There are a few other things I would personally like, but of course don’t know how feasible they are:

How about a pointer, so we can point to a specific part of the board? I’m not sure if the update showing us the students’ cursors also show them ours, so maybe that’s already accounted for.

Shapes like rulers, protractors, etc could be useful, but I know these can also just be pasted in.

More colours and simple shapes, as well as tools like fill, to choose from would help a lot.

Also, a big +1 to the download screen button.


I’m so pleased to hear that you like our new classroom @Dylan and that you’re finding the viewports useful! :tada:

The recent update which allows you to see your student’s cursor moving in real-time also applies on the student side, so they are able to see your cursor moving, too! :relaxed:

Thanks so much for your feedback, I’ll pass your thoughts over to our Product team. I know they really appreciate hearing what people would like to see in the classroom and find the feedback given really valuable when prioritising what features to add next! :computer:


On the whole, Tutorful’s functionality vastly exceeds any of the other platforms I’ve used over the ~12 years I’ve been teaching!

But my feedback relates to the algorithm which determines tutor metrics. The current system seems to want tutors to accept every single client who gets in touch which is neither practical nor in the best interests of either party. I think it’s far better to redirect someone if they’re looking for something which you feel may be better served elsewhere. However, this appears to damage your score.

Similarly, it seems to prioritise keeping a client on your books for as long as possible which is also not a great goal from an educational standpoint. If a client signed-up looking for 8 lessons to revise a module but you’re able to cover the material with them in, say, 4 then my understanding is that this counts against your repeat clients score which is problematic.

When an aspect of one’s score decreases, you’re auto-removed from the listings without notification. I think this is straightforwardly bad UX and somewhat disrespectful to tutors.

A fairly niche frustration but one which massively impacts one’s ability to gain clients!


@IBD I agree with this so much! It is so frustrating, I also find that parents will not read the availability and I may only have 1 slot during the day available, but they will message about evenings and if they looked at my availability, they would see I have no times then but I get penalised for them not checking availability first. I do switch my profile offline when booked up to avoid my booking score dropping but it is highly frustrating that it will drop because parent’s don’t always read availability.

I also find the repeat client score frustrating because I feel like, due to half term, mine will now go down, when actually, it is just that the parents want a break for their child. It will also drop dramatically after lockdown as a lot of my students are purely just whilst home-learning is taking place and I don’t feel that it is always a true reflection of the repeat clients you do have.


Yeah, it’s rather frustrating. I’ve experienced both of the instances you raise and it’s just poor design that they impact the score.

I also find it useful to specify how many lessons something should take with adult learners who don’t want to be in tuition for ever, and this seems to be penalised. Surely saying ‘after X months/lessons you will hopefully know enough about this not to need weekly sessions any more/for a while’ should be valid; the goal of a tutor is to make themselves unnecessary having sufficiently educated the client! But obviously this creates tension with Tutorful’s business model.

It penalises us for ‘firing’ clients too, which is not something I’ve had to do much but shouldn’t be marked against if we have to for whatever reason.

I also switch to offline when busy, but I have a suspicion that this drops you in the rankings relative to always being online. Regardless, as you say, clients who message even if you’ve stated that you have no availability for X day seem to cause issues. I was told by support that the metric was based on manually going through every message and marking them as “I can’t help” which is a hassle.

All in all, they should really improve this system!


Booking system does not allow you to create a new booking that clashes with existing booking. That’s good to know BUT I did once edit time and data on a booking and create such a clash. My fault - nowadays I always check first before editing lesson times.


This is so great to hear @IBD! Thank you for such a lovely comment - I’ll be sure to pass this on to the rest of the team! :relaxed:

I really appreciate your feedback surrounding tutor scores. I will share all of this feedback internally, it’s really great to hear your thoughts and what does and doesn’t work for you!

If a tutor feels that their scores have been unfairly impacted or equally if they would just like advice on improving or maintaining their score, we are always happy to give tutors our advice and help them in relation to their situation. We have found that this has really made a difference for tutors and they have gone on to see their score improve significantly. :sparkles:

I completely agree that if you feel that you’re not the right match for a student, redirecting them to find a different tutor is the best thing to do. We would always recommend using the ‘I can’t help’ button in cases where you do not feel you are the right person to help as this lets the student know and helps us to support them in finding a different tutor as quickly as possible. Your booking score is calculated based on the activity of your account in response to new enquiries in comparison to the other tutors using our platform.

I can see it can be frustrating if a student has fewer lessons than they initially wanted. However, it’s important to note that a tutor’s repeat client score is not simply the average number of lessons you have with each student, as many students can end up having more or less lessons than they originally specify! This score (similarly to the booking score) compares the bookings on your account with other tutors on the site.

There’s a couple of things I would always recommend to tutors to support their scores, those being:

  • Keep your profile up to date, ensuring that your bio is really informative and that the subjects offered are an accurate reflection of what you teach - so that students can get a really good idea whether you’re the tutor for them. :books:

  • Switch your profile offline at times when you are not ready to take on new students. Going offline will hide your profile in the search results so that new students can’t contact you until you decide to go switch your profile live again (you will still be able to contact your current students as normal). This will protect both your response time and booking score from being impacted by new student enquiries.

  • Keep your availability up to date as this means students cannot request a lesson at times when you’re not free to teach, protecting your booking score. :calendar:(Whilst this will stop you from getting lesson requests at certain times, I can see how it’s an issue when students send a message without checking availability @ns.tutoring - I will pass that on to our product team to see if there is more we can do in this area)

  • If you receive any requests that you feel are not genuine, use our ‘Report a student’ function to make us aware and let us know if these issues are persistent.

All of this said, I do think you have made really valid points in your feedback, we find all feedback super valuable and I will ensure that this is passed on! :speaking_head:


I think these are great ideas @sanak_tutor ! :laughing: … The only thing I would say is that I actually really rely on the eraser - I draw quite a lot of diagrams … :smiley: