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Ice breaker : )

Hi everyone, these are some questions I created based on some more difficult ones I saw in a book.
Thought they could make a good ice breaker for English. The only thing is, are there alternative answers to the ones I’ve got ? See what you think.

The vowels have been removed from the following
words, can you identify the words ?

  1. X T R

  2. Q T N

  3. S T R N T

  4. DCTN

  5. P T T R N


  7. DJCTV

  8. NVGTN


  10. VLNTR

  1. extra
  2. quieten
  3. astronaut
  4. education
  5. pattern
  6. progress
  7. adjective
  8. navigation
  9. prominent
  10. volunteer

edit: nice puzzle :slight_smile:


For me, 3 and 4 were the hardest

number 4 Could also be DICTION

Hi, good to hear you enjoyed it.

Yes very true, thanks for seeing that, therefore it’s
a question I can’t use as there needs to be only one answer to it. Much appreciated.

Ah ! Now there’s something, 2. and 9. I had the answers
as equation and permanent. So there were other answers. Have to scrub those two.
Good to hear you enjoyed them : )

Great thread @NiftyNige - how fun!

I found number 4 tricky and got permanent for number 9 - didn’t spot that prominent works too. I also enjoyed your maths catchphrase :high_brightness: