I would like advice please?

Dear Fellow Tutors,
I’ve just got a quick question I’d like to ask on this platform.

I want some advice on dealing with students who say they no longer need a tutor after offering a trial lesson that contradicts what the parents want and how I approach the parents who feel embarrassed about wasting my time and are very apologetic about the whole situation.

I would appreciate any advice/tips on how to deal with this if it comes up again.

Thank you,

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I just sort of ask them what the reason was. Sometimes parents ask for a trial lesson to gauge where their kid is and what they need to work on, sometimes the energy levels don’t match and the kid isn’t suited to your personality and sometimes the parent either can’t afford lessons or find someone cheaper.

Just bear in mind that is just how the cookie crumbles.


What could be cheaper than £20 per session?

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I’m not completely sure I understand your question - are you asking what to do when students don’t want to continue lessons after the first lesson because they felt like your tutoring style/approach wasn’t what they wanted?


You say they’re contradicting the parents, do you mean the students don’t want the lessons but the parents do?

Either way, if they’re not having tutoring anymore then there isn’t much to deal with. I’d politely thank them for their interest, ask if they had any concerns so that I might address them to help other students, but then that’s about it. If the parents have already discussed it with you and are apologising for it then I’m not sure what else there is to do.

I’ve offered trial lessons at £5 or even for free.

Wow! £5, how much do you get back as the rate on here is %25 that this company takes.

I just wanted advice on dealing with student who no longer want a Tutor, but according to the parents they’ve been pushing to get one for their son/daughter.

I’m afraid it happens quite a bit, often without explanation too. Try not to take it personally, and move on to the next one!

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It equates to about £4

Completely agree with @priya but would like to add, if the lessons would continue, I wouldn’t think the student would enjoy it as more as it would seem the student is learning under duress! May not make it as enjoyable for you and progress may be slower.