I.T. tips and tricks

Hi everyone,
here’s a great tip I thought might be worth sharing.
If you want to edit a pdf file, then you convert it to a word document by dragging the pdf file in the word initial page, make the changes then convert it back to pdf again.
Hope that is of help.

Thanks, Nige! Also, there are a lot of free pdf converters out there on the web if you google it too. Like this:

Just be careful of using it with any sensitive information of course.

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Excellent, shared knowledge is a winner for us all.
Thank you

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This is even better !
After you open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, select ‘Print’, then select ‘Print to PDF’ form the drop-down menu next to ‘Printer’. Under ‘Pages to Print’, select ‘Pages’ and enter the page numbers of the pages you would like to send to your students. When you click ‘Print’, a new file will be created with the PDF pages you selected.
Fantastic !!!


I totally forgot about this method! Thanks for the reminder