I have a question

Since Tutorful are going online only and they are creating their own virtual classroom are we going to be eventually forced to use their virtual classroom? I really hope not because I have got used to using Zoom and don’t want to change from that. I have a zoom subscription that is paid for by my company and find it really easy to use.

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No, I don’t believe so, Tutorful would not course prefer you to use their classroom, but as long as they get their commission they will be not force people to use the classroom. I believe they have said that on here somewhere :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

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I raised this previously since not all of my students have strong enough internet to support the Tutorful classroom and was categorically told I would not be forced to use only their classroom…so hopefully you should be fine using Zoom :grin:


I hope not, I try to avoid using the classroom whenever possible!

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