Huge dislike for this new classroom

Hi all,

I have just been transferred to the new classroom today and it is so bad compared to the other classroom.

All documents I had uploaded on the old classroom which were saved have been lost (so it’s a lot more awkward when setting up for lessons), I cannot see my screen share which is incredibly frustrating, I cannot select the pages from the document that I want my student to look at (different levelled worksheets and then they are able to see answers which is highly frustrating as I cannot control what they see), the filled in shapes are gone which were incredibly helpful when trying to block out particular answers etc, the option to remove mistakes (the backwards arrow with the cross on the old classroom) has been taken which is highly frustrating and I know 100% that this will not be good for my SEND student I will have on Monday as she had just adjusted to the old classroom.

I really want to go back to the old classroom to be perfectly honest as that was a much better design, very user friendly and I am really beginning to dislike this classroom after only 1 lesson. It also did not work for me at all in the first lesson and cannot be used on Chrome which is also extremely frustrating.

Finally, when I am trying to share audio on screenshare (this was an issue I did also have in the old classroom which resolved itself at one point and then blocked itself again over the past couple of days), it will not let me. I want to show videos etc. and when I click on the square to share audio, the screensharing will not work.

I am considering transferring myself and my students to another platform instead of Tutorful as they seem to have really gone downhill during even less than 1 year working with them.


Hi @ns.tutoring

I share your concerns about the new classroom. I will say give it a chance as many of the problems you have have mentioned can be worked around. I was one of the (unlucky) guinea pigs who had to work with the test version. I hated it for the first few lessons, as did all of my students. However, we’ve all pretty much got used to it now. Believe it or not, it was far worse when it was first introduced, for it was missing many features like chat, upload non-pdf files, upload pdf files was broken (it would upload some sideways or only half the page), you couldn’t lock the board, you couldn’t see the signal gauges, tell when a student was online if their camera was off or were experiencing technical issues or access previous lessons. These features were all missing or broken but the team have addressed those issues, so it is improving.

Although the cross (delete item) button is absent from this version, you can still delete by selecting the item with the mouse cursor and then pressing backspace on the keyboard. The screen share is very annoying and I have repeatedly asked the dev team to sort this out and to add annotation functionality, so hopefully this is something they’re working on. There is a workaround for seeing yourself in screen share - check the help pages for a video demonstration. You can still hide answers by using the eraser. It doesn’t actually erase anything; it just covers it up with white which can then be dragged away or deleted. I agree, though, that the filled-in shapes were great for this in the old classroom.

I am not sure why you’re unable to use it on Chrome as in my experience that’s the best browser to use for it! Have you tried resetting cookies/clearing cache, etc? It should work fine on Chrome.


I do know what you mean about the new classroom, I have such a love/hate relationship with it!

Like @Lewis says, it was definitely much worse when I started on it, but I am not entirely happy with it, as the bugs are very inconsistent (sometimes I’ll go weeks with no issues, and then (like today) I have a bad experience with it in all my lessons). It’s unreliable, and in my opinion a far cry from the ‘state-of-the-art’ classroom Tutorful is desperate for. But it takes time to build it, I think there are a lot about it that I really enjoy, I guess it’s so mixed. I can’t say I love it because I certainly don’t; I don’t feel I could give it a glowing review like I could with the old one, but also I think it just takes time to get used to it. Tutorful are excellent (in my opinion) at listening and responding to feedback on it, they want to get it just right, so report any issues on the feedback form at the end.

I hope your experience gets better with it!


I might be wrong - but I think it’s gone live to everyone this week, so I think that might explain it being more buggy this week.

As alternative to cookies cache try incognito mode. (on my Desktop via 3 dots at top right of screen). Worked for me and thankfully my PC still remembered my password to log in.

I tried this and unfortunately it didn’t work. It just wasn’t picking up my microphone or any sound…

It’s not even that, there are aspects of control unfortunately I need to have with younger students and my SEND student which I have now lost. I was able to pick which pages they could see and was able to avoid answer pages etc. Now they have free roam of the documents (which I can’t edit without paying more for Adobe) and my SEND student will need help with just moving the screen compared to pressing a simple down arrow. It is not great at all and I really won’t be using it further. I needed that aspect of control for my lessons and it is now gone.

I have the same issues. One of my students is SEND and I have several primary school students. You don’t need to pay Adobe anything. Instead, open the file you want, click print, select print to pdf and then select which pages to print. That will allow you to make a version of the file that does not contain the answers for free. You can still press the directional arrows to scroll up and down when necessary.

Hi everyone. I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve not had ideal experiences with the new classroom. I wanted to try and assure you that we are taking on board all feedback and suggestions and working through them on a priority basis. This classroom has completely been designed and developed by us (rather than a third party) so that we can add exactly what you all need and address any problems that occur more easily. Unfortunately, it just takes a bit of time. We’ll get there though if we work together :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of some of the features you’ve mentioned, syncing the tutor view with the students is very high on our list and should be added in the near future (we’ll let you know when it has been added). I’ll make sure all the other things you’ve mentioned are logged :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Just to add to Katie’s comments above, the team here are working incredibly hard on improving the new classroom, ironing out the bugs and issues, and adding additional features. So keep the suggestions coming - we’ll be releasing new features and improvements every week from here.


Hi everyone, I’m really surprised and a bit saddened to hear so many people are having issues with the new classroom. I can appreciate this must be very frustrating, especially when working online with younger students and those with SEN.

Just to help Tutorful see a variety of experiences: I’m a big fan of the new classroom. I really like how simple it is and how much more lightweight it is compared to LearnCube (which didn’t not seem to work for me at all). I do experience a few bugs, but nothing that really disrupts the lesson. I really like that sessions are recorded and that tutors and students can re-enter the classroom. An embedded Youtube player would be great, as well as highlighters, but all in all, I’m happy.

Thank you to Tutorful for working on a bespoke classroom for all tutors - I hope that all these issues can be fixed soon so everyone can have a great experience! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi @Rosie_A ,

What do you teach? I teach Maths, English and Philosophy. For English and Philosophy this new classroom is adequate, but Learncube, in my experience, was vastly superior for Maths tuition. Like others have said above, this classroom is missing many features from Learncube that were so useful, not least specific tools and shapes for maths and screen share that embedded the shared screen as an annotatable page within the classroom itself.

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Hi @Lewis.

I teach science, my particular style of teaching is to draw on the whiteboard using my graphics tablet. I can understand how things like shapes and algebra functions would be very useful for maths lessons though!

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I hate it too I cannot upload audio as MFL teacher that makes my life impossible


This is not good enough!. Tutorful have been fantastic and helped me build up my business, but a system that does not allow you to load audio, essential for MFL teachers, is crazy. This is not a bug it is a fault.Why put MFL teachers over to this in the last weeks of May? Schools are doing final assessments for this crazy year NOW it is just STUPID to change at this point to something that cannot deliver!!

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upload your documents to pdf then use to remove the pages you don’t want to show

This is more unnecessary work and still would mean multiple of the same worksheets at different levels which is very frustrating compared to uploading one simple document with all the levels (which depending on how they respond in the lesson I may need to change to)… it’s ridiculous and a much bigger inconvenience. I’m no longer using the classroom, I have paid for a subscription to LearnCube as I much preferred their classroom and will soon be coming away from Tutorful in general.

Hi @ns.tutoring , out of interest, how much does your subscription to LearnCube cost?

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It’s costing about £15 a month which isn’t too expensive really!

I will give Tutorful a few more weeks to improve the classroom, but I might also have to go back to LearnCube.

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