How to tell students you aren't available anymore?

I’m a relatively new tutor and have never had to let anyone go before, but I am just worried that in September I will have to let some of my students go so that I can have enough time to focus on my own studies (I am about to go into my final year at university). I was wondering how to best go about explaining this to my students? I think I ended up overbooking students this summer, just because I currently have so much time, but didn’t think ahead about how many of these students I can actually continue to teach in the next academic year.

Does anyone have any advice?

There’s no great way to do it - just be apologetic and professional. The more notice you give them the better. They might take it well, or they might be annoyed! Not much you can do about that except be upfront in the future when taking on students.


Sooner the better give them time to find an alternative.
Always be upfront and direct. That’s how I treat all my students

Have you considered going from weekly lessons to once a fortnight ?