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How to Request a Lesson!

Did you know that you can request a lesson booking with a tutor from your Tutorful account? :books:

In the video linked below, we cover how you can request a lesson from a tutor for any timeslot that the tutor has available in their availability calendar! So, if you have been speaking with a tutor who you think would be a great match and you are ready to begin your lessons, click this link for an instructional video explaining how to request a lesson from the tutor from your Tutorful account: How to Request a Lesson - YouTube


Hi Lewis, but you can’t when you apply for a job - when you contact a student directly rather than them contacting you - see my post I wrote earlier - that is frustrating!


Hi Katy, thanks for responding. I am sorry if you have been experiencing problems with students requesting lessons! Students are able to request a lesson from a tutor even if they have not contacted the tutor directly, so if the tutor contacts the student from a job post, the student can still request a lesson from that tutor through their account. However, we are aware that this is not the case with free video chats and our Development Team are currently working on ensuring the problems mentioned which affect free video chats are resolved as soon as possible, so we do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused!

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Dear Lewis,

Are there students who want to have lessons over the summer period, as for me it is very quiet and I’m beginning to be concerned, very concerned?


Hi Gregory,

Thanks for getting in touch!

We do find that it does get quieter over the summer period as this is the time when schools are closed and exams have ended, however, there are still students that use the site throughout summer to continue lessons! We would advise keeping an eye on the Jobs Board and responding to any jobs that come up which you could help with in the meantime. We do find that towards September, the site gets a lot busier and September is our busiest time of year, so you should find that a lot more students start getting in touch towards the start of the new academic year!

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