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How to Request a Free Video Chat

Hi everyone, it’s Lewis from Tutorful’s Student Team :wave:

Did you know that some of our tutors offer a 15-minute free video chat that can be booked before confirming lessons at the tutor’s hourly rate? We understand that you may want to have a chat with the tutor to make sure they are the perfect match, or you may need to discuss a specific topic to ensure that the tutor specialises in the area that you need help with. That’s why a number of our tutor’s offer an initial free video chat so you can get to know them before booking lessons together!

To see how you can find out if a tutor offers free video chats and how you can request a suitable date and time, follow this link for a step-by-step tutorial on how to request a free video chat: How to Request a Free Video Chat - YouTube


Are we allowed more than one free 15 minute chat? The student I set up lesson with couldn’t even start the first one because Tutorful is not available on iPads. You can book lessons on an iPad but not take part in them. We wasted a half hour lesson while the student called Tutorful only to find that you can only take part in lessons via a PC or laptop. It cost them £15 for no lesson.

Hi @Emmamarian , I’m sorry this happeend to you! In that case I would probably issue them a full refund.

Ultimately, it’s your decision whether you still want to be paid as none of it was your fault.

What I have noticed from experience is that it’s actually better to issue a full refund in such cases as good customer service will make the student more likely to book more lessons with you in the future, recommend you to their friends or give you good reviews. So in the end it’s still worth it :slight_smile:

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