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How to keep the kids entertained over summer?

Hey guys!

So the summer is fast approaching and I am interested in knowing more about what you have planned for your children. I have 3 children of mixed ages to entertain, so please share your ideas so I can keep mine busy and I can keep working peacefully. :joy:

Are you booked on to any fun summer classes and activities, what did your children enjoy in previous years?

What are your favourite online summer courses, what really helped enhance your children’s learning and hobbies?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :grinning:


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I’m hoping to go on holiday very soon for about a month or so.

Aww that would be the dream, enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m going to as it’s his 1st trip abroad, but nervous about how he will be like on the plane.

Do you have any tips/tricks to keep him from not being sick, as he hates cars on long journeys and is sick on the journey and then again on the way home?

He is 2 years and 2 months old.

Luckily for me, this isn’t something I have had to deal with. I am sure if you give the professionals a call they will be more than happy to help, hope you find a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did but the meds they’ve got are for 3 year olds and they’ve suggested arm bands but he will take them off. Lool.

I am one of four and we were crazy and broke. My mum got bags of sand and dumped them in the gardenfor us to have as a sandpit. Sheets and chairs for tents “Inside and outside” . She made it really clear when it was our time and we knew to wait for it because it would be fun.
We made picnics so we could go for tea time picnics as soon as my mum finished. We had a rule.“If we all help we all go out. If someone doesn’t do it mum has to and we have to wait.” so we did whatever helped even when we were very small. We played in the woods in the evening until it was dark so we were quiet and tired in the morning and my mum could work.
Trips to the library are great with snacks for reading with in the garden. Chalks for outside drawing. It doesn’t need to cost much.


Those are great tips there MrsP!!

Try mild ginger biscuits as travelling snacks. Ginger is great for motion sickness and the biscuits are dry which also helps. Talking and singing, looking out of the window and not reading (we used to use audio books) all help with motion sickness. Also when you stop have a proper walk round. An hour longer on the journey is better (from experience) than the smell of kiddy sick in your car all holiday.

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