How to get first job?

I have recently joined Tutorful- about two weeks ago- and have been applying for every single job that comes up on the job board which I’m qualified to apply for, but am struggling to get the first booking. I’ve set my rate pretty low- and have 21 years of experience etc but the parents always seem to choose someone else.
Does anyone else have any tips on the best way for me to be able to apply for the jobs? I have never struggled to get students in my previous jobs so this is a little worrying for me! Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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Hi! It’s always so hard getting established; I remember at first it took me a while, and now I’m one of Tutorful’s top-ranked tutors.
Start with putting your prices low; I know it’s maybe a bit degrading when you have all this experience, but when I first started I only charged £15 an hour (hard with the 25% cut, I admit, and depends where you live). I also tried to make my page stand out a bit, so I talked about my hobbies and interests as well as my teaching style. I’ve been told people like my ‘quirky’ style, but it’s not for everyone I admit!
Apply for every job you can. Have a general template as jobs can go like hot cakes, be persistent and tenacious and don’t give up, even if it takes a while, keep plodding on!
Wishing you the best of luck, please reach out if you need any further help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much for your advice!!
I really appreciate it. I have already set up a template for replying to the jobs so that has been easier to use in terms of speed of replying!
I think the main issue is lack of reviews…if I was a parent I would choose tutors with a review so I completely understand!
I will have another look at my profile to see if I can add some more hobbies etc! And just keep applying for as many jobs as possible!
Thanks again!:purple_heart:

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I’d say be very clear about all of your qualifications and experience (positions in schools, exam boards taught, years teaching, marking experience, SEN experience etc), and make sure your prices align with them. If you are a fully qualified teacher with experience in schools, I’d avoid going lower than £30 an hour. (I started at £30 and raised my prices as I got more good reviews.) If you don’t mind negotiating this rate, you could put that on your profile. If you have reviews from other sites, you could quote them on your tutorful profile (not quite the same, but it’s something!).
Have a paragraph explaining your teaching style and your specialisms. I am an English teacher, but my specialism is language analysis (which I realised by thinking about what interests me and where I get the best results for my students) and I get a lot of students who want to focus on that specific skill who choose me because I have put it on my profile.
Make sure your photo shows your face clearly, and make sure it is friendly and professional.
I hope this helps! Good luck! It seems slow going at first, but once you get the ball rolling you’ll be absolutely fine! It just takes a bit of time and patience :slight_smile:

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Hi Tam - there are no easy answers to this - like Katy I have been around a while as an online tutor and I would say its the reviews. My personal view is that you might have to go very low to draw the first few bookings - perhaps offer a bargain first lesson at a very minimal price - put simply bait the hook and try to get those first few to give you a review. I suspect it will take time to get going. Those who started four or five years ago will have endless reviews and this des influence people. When I started I had other part-time jobs as I didn’t think this would provide a secure income and you may have to consider that. What I did was a shop work Saturday job and I did events work with a national based company - football matches, pop concerts, motor racing - I am not suggesting you do that but consider how you can work things together. I cannot think of anything else to suggest that hasn’t been mentioned but you have my best wishes and do stick at it because over time it will grow. Paul the History Tutor

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Thank you, Heather,
Great advice! Happy to say I have my first lesson today and have also been receiving queries from parents so things are definitely heading in the right direction!


Thanks so much for your advice!
I have set my price as low as possible and it does seem to be working! I am also starting tutoring for another company in the meantime so think things are beginning to go well! Thanks again! :grinning:

Ah that is great news! :smiley:

Excellent news! Well done! :slight_smile:

Great to hear of your first student.

I am not a qualified teacher but did have experience of around 2 years from tutoring as an examiner and tutor(+ supply work in schools for a year on top) and I was able to fairly easily get students last year at £25 an hour. This may be as I have a degree in physics and most of the students I got were in physics but I simply do not know.

This year I have on purpose made my profile offline, but unable to get any so far at £30 an hour - one has said my rate is too high for them but they probably are not thinking that they may need less lessons with me at £30 an hour than someone less qualified and experienced at £25 an hour.

Anyway it is fine as the customer gets to choose their tutor but I do not think they always make the right decision as there is a lot of guesswork and hunches involved here.

I think it would be good idea to work on your profile as that is one of the key ways you can promote yourself on online platforms.

I am an experienced tutor and every summer, I still ask myself how can I make my profile better.

Thanks so much everyone! I’ve actually managed to pick up 5/6 regular students now with more on the way hopefully! The ball is definitely rolling😊


Hey Priya,

Don’t think it is a profile thing as the client never gets to see my profile as I have on purpose made it offline.

I do not want people messaging me unless I initiate it since I can only take on 3-4 clients on this platform max and would like to at least have some way of picking my potential students.

I know that I should be making my profile online on this platform but currently choosing not to do so. This way they can search me up and can see that I already have some 5 star reviews which at least would give me some credibility

Not really too bothered but I am a little surprised that I have yet to get a few students this academic year. Have had one strange request for a lesson the same day, another for the next day and one messaged that booked a slot for me the next day and so there is some interest but not enough to actually get the first lesson in the end.