How students contact you

I would love to know more about the ‘behind the scenes’ action at Tutorful HQ! Maybe it’s a bit cheeky to ask, but I’m genuinely curious. I had a parent contact me tonight telling me she wants lessons for her daughter after school, when my availability is only set through the day. How can parents contact you if you’ve set your availability at a different time? And does it affect your score? I have lots of enquiries but many don’t reply and it drives me insane. I’m just wondering how it works and whether it can be improved at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to be getting people contacting me, but I wish it didn’t result in me having to tell people what they can already see on my profile.

By the way, since feedback is (rightly) so valued by the company, I love the fact that Tutorful have introduced a 11-7 curfew on scores not getting affected by people contacting you at crazy hours! I remember getting up in the night and seeing I had a request and sleepily replying so it didn’t affect my score too much (not that I’m hugely worried about it, but still good to keep it decent, especially now when there’s more competition!)

Any thoughts about this, guys?


I think I can answer at least one of your questions - when you use the tutor search on tutorful, filtering by availability is optional - there is a ‘skip’ button, in which case they will just see all tutors regardless of the tutor’s availability settings!

I don’t know how it works when they contact you though.


I’ve noticed a lot of students do not read what I specialise in or my availability also. So I completely get what your saying. I also try to reach out almost every week and sometimes get no response back.

It can be a tricky one. Like I said on another post I find when I don’t look the right students happen to find me haha.


I would like to know how often new jobs are posted on the jobs board as the same one has been on there for days and no new ones added. I know that people will say that they are taken up quickly but I check several times a day and there are not new ones being added. I search by subject, local area is irrelevant now isn’t it and when you are not getting enquiries, which I am not, then there is no way to get students to improve your score. it’s a vicious circle!

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This drives me nuts too. I reckon 75% of my enquiries are for a time I can’t do or a subject I don’t teach! If you look at my profile it is so clear, I often get people say “Oh I hadn’t actually looked on your profile”. ARGGGGGG. My booking score is dropping and it’s really annoying

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