How much can a student/client see when you're 'offline'?

Hi, just me again. I really like the option to go offline; it reduces stress sometimes! But what I want to know, if we apply for a job through the job board, can the potential client see your profile then or will they not at all? Is it worth coming back online to apply for jobs? How does it work? I’d really appreciate knowing.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing this up Katy! I never realised that they see a different version of our profile. It would maybe explain why I never even get a reply when applying for a job while being offline :joy:

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Curioser and curioser
I had always assumed that if I was offline and applied for a job on the noticeboard that
I would have to go on-line again to allow the potential student to see my profile. Your exchange of messages suggest that’s not so.

Is that correct? and if so who wrote the other version of my profile and how can I see it?

Not necessarily a problem mind you. It would save the hassle of going on-line for few hours with potentially unwanted approaches then taking myself off-line again.

Funny, I always assumed that even offline a client can see your reply. Maybe I’m wrong - who knows?!

When you set your profile online/offline it gives you a message saying you do or don’t appear in search results. I always thought this means that you just can’t be found in search results whilst offline, but if someone finds your profile another way (jobs board, direct link, etc) then they can still see it? I’ve never looked into it much beyond that assumption.

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Hi all,

This is a really interesting question @katywilson6, thanks for posting! :slight_smile:

When you switch your profile offline:

  • You don’t appear in search results
  • Students/Parents cannot view your profile when you use the jobs board
  • People cannot view your profile, even when you send a direct link

Students can respond to any messages that you send whilst you’re offline, including job applications.

I hope this helps :sparkles:


That does help - thanks! So they can reply to messages but they cannot view your profile at all?

They can’t see your profile at all. They CAN see and reply to messages, but you will need to go online again for them to read your profile. If I am offline but see a job I want to apply for then I include a line in the initial message telling them that if they are interested to let me know and I will reactivate my profile temporarily.

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That’s correct, they can reply to messages but would only be able to see your profile if you were to switch it online :slight_smile:

I think it would be quite useful to maybe have a ‘read only’ version for your profile when you’re offline. I’ve had my profile offline for a while now, but recently I’ve applied for a couple of jobs through the jobs board and not heard back, so I was wondering the same thing!

Thanks for clarifying. This is all news to me. I have assumed that I could be seen and in some cases I have sent people links.

I don’t think that this helped Tutorful in the past in that there would have been Tutors offline (fearing being inundated near exam time and wary of unrealistic parental expectations) but happy to consider individual cases. So some ideal matches might have been missed.