How do you make your lessons engaging?

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all well and enjoying this little bit of sunshine - what a treat☀️

I’m posting this afternoon to ask for some help in collating tips on how to create engaging online lessons.

We’re working hard behind the scenes to produce lots of resources for you, and I thought who better to ask than the professionals themselves 🧑‍🏫 Your tips and tricks will be used to help new and existing tutors get the best out of their lessons and students, so please do share :speaking_head:

Your suggestions can be for any subject and any level, I want to hear it all!

I look forward to your responses!

Abbie (Tutorful)

I’m not sure how much this will help you in creating resources but I am a huge advocate and fan of game-based learning where possible, even in the most unusual of places.

E.g. I might play a game of noughts and crosses with a student and after a few games ask, what is the best first move? What is the best move in response? Is the game always destined to end in a draw?

I might play scrabble with a student (this hasn’t been so easy online, I must say) which can not only be a good English resource but can be a good maths resource too as my student has to use doubling and tripling to keep track of their score.

Yahtzee is a good one too. “What is the probability that you will roll the 2 you need from these two dice in this roll?” (again, more difficult to do this online but not impossible)

In short, anything that is relevant to a topic but that will be more memorable for the learner.

Edit: my favourite game for maths for younger students is a game called “switch 16” which can be tailored to suit addition, subtraction, multiplication & division in a fun, chilled way

Hi @Basmati64

Thanks for your response!

Game-based learning is a fantastic way of keeping your students engaged and enthusiastic about a subject! I can definitely see how these tactics would help a student understand and memorise a topic😃

These are some great suggestions, and i’ll be sure to add them to our resources - thanks for this!

Abbie (Tutorful)