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How do you choose the right tutor? πŸ“š

There are lots of great tutors out there and choosing the right one is really important.

What do you look for when choosing a tutor for yourself or your child?

Do you base your choice on qualifications, reviews, experience or all of those things and more?

I’d love to hear your thoughts :sparkles:


For me it is that the tutor is really patient and gets on with my son. I found a great tutor for him who explains things clearly and we are already seeing a difference after 3 lessons. I looked at a few different profiles and liked being able to see reviews and what was written on the profile about experience and how they teach. After a chat with the tutor I had a good feeling he would be right for us


This is a great question! For us, it was a bit of a mix. Obviously, we check their qualification in the specific field that we are interested in. Then it’s a combination of reviews and their own personal statement & biography. On one hand, it’s only one hour per week, so we must optimise the outcome. One the other hand, to keep the students motivated in the long run, they need to have a good chemistry with their tutor. So their soft skills are important too.


As a tutor, I’m always so interested in finding out why parents have chosen me and what motivates them to pick certain people, so I find this a great question! I’d love to know more!

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I had a parent recently who has picked me because of my β€˜beautiful’ photo!


As a tutor, I find that parents tend to like my profile due to my reviews. 51 of them 4 and 5* reviews :grin:

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Hi Lucy
May I ask if you are interested in a tutor in Biology and/or medical sciences? thanks you
Best wishes
Mohammed Mansour