How are Tutorful going to do to comply with the changes to the EAS

I’ve just received an email from the Tutors Association about changes that have been made to the Employment Agencies act that affect the Tutiton Industry and there are 3 things that they list as impacting companies that supply tution services -

"You must be compliant with the Employment Agency’s Act and associated Conduct Regulations. Some more detailed examples are set out below:

  1. it is illegal to collect payment on behalf of tutors (self-employed or otherwise) that you introduce to clients unless your company (and not the tutor) is providing the tuition service – in which case you have to charge VAT on the tutor’s part of the fee in addition to your commission;
  2. it is illegal to charge tutors a fee (even if it is described in a different way such as ‘commission’) for introducing them to clients;
  3. agencies must fulfil the necessary safeguarding, health and safety and other checks required under the Act (these go beyond an Enhanced DBS)"

Please can Tutorful indicate to tutors how they are going to ensure they comply with these new requirements but the 31st December 2022?


I got this email too and came here to ask this question. Will be interested to hear other’s thoughts on it

I’d guess this is the Tutor Association jumping the gun a bit. They seem desperate for government regulation. Hopefully, this will remain a small area where big brother (or big dog) can keep his beak out of our affairs.

I can’t say if the info is correct, but I would advise taking any statement from a company about potential problems for their competitors with a substantial pinch of salt.

One of the other agencies I work with (a small local one) is looking at this and they are talking about having to change the way they advertise and pay us but are investigating further. If this is going to happen from Jan 2023 Then I’d quite like to know how tutorful are going to handle it before I start taking students from them for September tution.

I guess the difference here is in wording: Tutorful don’t ‘introduce’ clients and tutors in the sense that a normal tuition agency does.?