How About Some Transparency, Tutorful?

  1. Does this ‘87% of tutors prefer online teaching’ poll actually exist? The reason I ask is because myself and many tutors were most definitely NOT asked for our opinions. For Tutorful to quote an internal opinion poll to justify their ‘online only’ policy without any evidence whatsoever for their tutors to see is distinctly fishy and underhand. Tutorful - this is your opportunity to put the record straight and show us the evidence.

  2. Were any music tutors invited to take part in this poll? This is a very serious question, as music tutors are the most seriously inconvenienced by Tutorful’s disgraceful policy of removing in-person lesson options with absolutely no notice and absolutely no consultation.

  3. Completely removing the option of in-person lessons is without question discrimination against tutors who can’t possibly do their job as well online than face-to-face. Tutorful - please explain how this policy ISN’T discriminatory. I’m not just talking discrimination against tutors - it’s discrimination against pupils with special needs who need help with interaction and social skills.

  4. Making a philosophical and hypothetical argument for the retention of in-person lessons (especially for tutors of creative/practical subjects): I really don’t think it would’ve been beneficial for the Beatles or Mozart if the former did their band practice over Zoom, and the latter’s piano teacher couldn’t see which finger was on which note.


As a music tutor, I can say I definitely wasn’t polled and am so angry and disappointed about this move. I have decided I am going to leave Tutorful when I move back to in-person lessons later this year, as Tutorful have made it abundantly clear that they don’t care about us in the slightest. They are yet to give any actually valid reasons for cutting off a huge percentage of their clientele, and instead prefer to justify their decision by quoting these statistics that mean nothing. I think the way Tutorful have handled this is disgraceful and I would no longer recommend them to either tutors or prospective students.


Totally agree, Lorna. I’m a piano teacher, and this whole situation has been handled disgracefully by Tutorful. It’s amazingly hypocritical of them to say they’ve thought long and hard about this decision, yet they were happy enough to give us absolutely no notice whatsoever of the upcoming change. I’m sure we all remember receiving that bombshell Friday evening email (they certainly paid plenty of attention to the timing of that - making sure the offices were shut for the weekend). I’ve got no problem with online teaching, but I have a massive problem with the option of in-person lessons being taken away with immediate effect and without any consultation whatsoever - on the back of an internal opinion poll that for all we know could be complete bullshit as they haven’t shared the results with us. The people who run Tutorful know nothing about how to deal with people, and are totally unaware that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to education. I’m also seriously thinking of leaving this profit-over-education company in the near future.


Hi @Lorna and @7267

I completely agree. This ‘internal poll’ was suspicious from day one. I am not sure what ‘internal’ would even mean in this context, since all the tutors, as far as I am aware, are not part of the team at Tutorful. The fact that they’ve yet to produce any evidence for this poll’s existence strongly implies that it does not exist. I suspect that if anything it was a poll done by the staff at Tutorful without any inclusion of tutors who are not staff members.

In any case, I would add that it’s not just music tuition that will be affected by this. My younger learners benefit a great deal from in-person tutoring, and some of them have been unable to access online lessons due to poor internet connection. It is beyond absurd that current students who live practically on my doorstep would be unable to find me now Tutorful because of the removal of searching by location.

I still cannot see what the business motive is for this move. The arguments made by Mark in the other thread were appallingly weak, so there must be some other (perceived) reason that they are not telling us. My guess would be that they think they can get more lessons booked overall if they focus on online over in-person and therefore maximum profits. I think they’re wrong because, as others have pointed out, there is a huge demand for in-person tuition that I predict will only grow once the pandemic is finally over. Many students are sick of online. They need and want physical interaction, not just for their academic learning but for their mental health and personal and social development.


Hi Lewis,

Yes, no doubt the necessity of in-person lessons goes way beyond music. Children with special needs benefit enormously from having a tutor at their side, and there are times when forming a bond with the pupil is more important than academic results. (I’ve amended my post to state this).

Unfortunately, Tutorful have made it very clear that they don’t understand the human interaction side of education, and the corporate waffle we’ve received trying to explain the decision has given us no answers whatsoever. Until we see evidence of this mysterious poll, I seriously wonder if the whole thing has been totally fabricated. As for Mark saying he thought long and hard about this decision, he obviously didn’t think it important enough to give us any notice whatsoever about the change.


Hi guys my name is Julia, how can I search for a tutor of psychology here on the website?


I defined agree with you all… I mainly teach science and Math and, believe me, it’s a nightmare on-line. It’s not just music. I’ve stop teaching since they moved all on-line waiting for when they resume in-person.

Hi Julia!

Go onto the main website, select ‘find a tutor’ and get searching!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Let’s have our own poll
I think Tutorful would find a huge number of tutors want to do face to face
I have lost virtually all my students since doing online only
(I specialise in special needs)
I am down to 2/11 and the last 2 have told me they are considering going elsewhere if I can’t go back to face to face

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Hi Karry,

Just to clarify, you ARE still able to do face to face lessons with your current pupils, it’s just new students where the option has been taken away. It still doesn’t make the situation ok though, especially with the underhand way Tutorful has imposed the decision on us with no consultation.


Are you actually going to address this or just continue to ignore it? These are reasonable questions to ask and ignoring them is an unprofessional response.

For me the biggest mistake regarding the poll was to present it as justifying something the poll question wasn’t justifying. If I was polled that question, I would certainly have said that I prefer online lessons. However that absolutely does not mean that I would prefer for in-person lessons to be abolished. I would not prefer that! I like having at least some lessons in-person.

It feels like the poll was referenced to encourage tutors who disliked this change to think that they were in a minority, but ironically the announcement was around the same time as the roll-out of this forum…

So they probably made mistakes in how they announced this change, but I think that realistically there would have been no perfect way to announce it. Tutorful is a business, it’s here to make money and its profits simply do not depend on keeping 100% of its tutors happy. We may as well be realistic about that. It doesn’t owe us anything.


Yet another job request for music lessons face-to-face on the site. A retired person who I’d assume would struggle with online lessons. Obviously older people are less likely to be technologically minded, so sadly that’s another group of people discriminated against by the online change that was imposed on us by nothing more than a fabricated tutor poll. As Mark continues to ignore our very genuine questions and grievances, I think that says everything about the underhand and patronising way Tutorful are treating its tutors and potential customers.

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