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Hobbies & interests 🧩

You may be thinking this is a pretty strange topic to start as we all have to stay home at the moment. However, I’ve picked up a few new hobbies in the past year, including some that have really surprised me! I thought it would be nice to hear what others have been doing, too. :smile:

Yoga is a new one for me. :woman_in_lotus_position: Now, I’m no pro but I’ve been building up slowly and have started to really enjoy it. It really helps me to relax and calm my mind in an evening!

I also really enjoy playing the guitar, I have been learning to play for many years now but have definitely made more time for it recently. :guitar:

How about you?
Have you started doing something new recently or is there something you’ve been doing for a while that you’d recommend to others?


I love this!

I would absolutely love to pick up yoga as it would really help me but I haven’t got round to doing it just yet :eyes:

I wouldn’t say it’s a new hobby, but I’ve picked up reading again which is something I used to love. I am part of a book club with other teachers and we buy each other books to read and I’ve already received 2 new books so far :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would also absolutely love to learn the guitar as I have one myself and I started doing so but I’ve found I lost motivation quite quickly (possibly because of lockdown). I am a huge music fan, I’ve spent so much money on concerts and one thing I’ve always loved watching is people playing their instruments!


So great to hear about your hobbies @ns.tutoring and @Rachel_Tutorful… I love yoga and i’ve been doing it (on and off) for years (although I’m still pretty stiff :laughing:). I would recommend ‘Yoga with Adriene’ and her 30 day courses on youtube - they are a great way to build a regular habit :slight_smile:.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very well towards the end of last year and needed some help to get my health back on track. The physio recommended pilates and I haven’t looked back! It’s a great complement to yoga as well … :woman_in_lotus_position:.

I really admire those who can play an instrument (or are learning to), I must say, this isn’t really my forte :laughing: but I have been listening to a lot more music this year which has been great! :musical_note:


Hi everyone - lockdown really changed my life and I have embraced it - I try to walk for about 90 minutes every morning and I generally take the same route down the canal - I live in rural south Staffordshire - I have really become attuned to the landscape - the changing seasons, the crops and the seasons and last summer watching the local badgers at sunset! Its so muddy at present that I have been forced off my normal route onto farmers tracks - just yesterday I saw a field just a mile from my house full of ridge and furrow - medieval field pattern - probably not been ploughed in 450 years, magic! and only 15 minutes walk from my front door and I had never seen it before. I now stay in the village - not been in a supermarket or town in months and have no desire to return to pre-covid life, seriously thinking about getting rid of my car! I volunteer on the Severn Valley Railway - just general maintenance at a station - lots of painting railings! I have always been a model-maker, sadly like James May I am old enough to be the Airfix generation but I make things entirely from scratch now, cast things myself and have done some commissions that have ended up being cast commercially. Like the Yoga its very therapeutic and time stops - its like the repair shop on TV! I miss foreign travel and had been looking forward to out of season deals to exotic places. Did manage Venice and Verona and Croatia before Covid but don’t think we are going to see Roman Sicily in May this year as intended!


Thanks for sharing your hobbies!

Similarly to Rachel and Rosie I have been working out more regularly. I do short whole body workouts and some stretching - works wonders after a day of sitting in front of the screen.

@Rosie_A , do you have any Pilates youtube channels you’d recommend? I would love to try it. May try Yoga as well :smiley:

I have been reading more books these days and listening to audiobooks on Audible, especially while going out on walks. I also started learning Turkish on Duolingo so I can hopefully use it when we are finally able to go on a holiday abroad :airplane:


I’m really enjoying reading these responses! :relaxed:

Thanks @Rosie_A , I’m sure I’ve watched a couple of her videos, I just had to have a quick look to check as I was sure she is the one with a lovely dog - and she is! Great videos that I’ve probably not made enough of yet - will be sure to look into the course to keep me motivated! :slightly_smiling_face:

@MusketFifeandDrum It sounds like you live in the most beautiful area!

This sounds amazing! What a great achievement. I’d love to see a picture of some of your work if you’d be happy to share!


My big hobby is writing. My dream is to have a book published and it’s something I should really dedicate some time to doing during lockdown!


So lovely to hear about your new routine @MusketFifeandDrum - I have to say, ‘lockdown life’ has changed things for us too, some of which is definitely for the better!

Pre-Covid, we always thought we had to get in the car and ‘go somewhere’ every weekend, even if it was just for a walk. Now, we have discovered really lovely walks right on our doorstep - I can’t believe they were under our noses the whole time! Our routine now includes going on one of these walks and amazingly, we never find it boring. There is so much to see and hear: the changing light, the seasons, wildlife. It has made me so much more grateful for my local area :heart:

I must say though, I do miss travel. Although, it’s been so long since I’ve been somewhere crowded that I think standing in a busy airport might be a bit of a shock! :airplane: :laughing:


This is awesome @katywilson6 - sending you positive writing vibes!!! :rainbow: :fountain_pen: :rainbow:


How great that you have started Pilates, @Rosie_A! I am also a Pilates teacher and most of my students start to see me because they are unwell. Then, they usually stick around because Pilates is such good exercise, especially once you progress to the more advanced exercises.

I started learning Spanish on Duolingo just before the first lockdown hit. Now, I can read simple texts like blog posts, and am still practicing almost every day. It’s also great because I am going through the same process as my language students, so I can emphasize with their learning process more easily.

I am also writing fiction every day because it has been a dream of mine ever since I was really young. There’s a great peer-review site called Scribophile, where you post your works and other writers critique them. Really helpful!


I’ve got a bit of a mishmash of hobbies and projects right now. On the more productive side I’m currently making a website/blog, and I’m doing some home improvements and working on a novel. Then there’s cooking, reading and a few video games to lay back a bit.

I’d love to publish a novel one day, but for now I’m content with rewording sentences I’m not happy with only to put them back a few minutes later.


I don’t know if it can be classed as a hobby because it’s also my job, but my main hobby is definitely playing music! When I’m feeling any sort of way, I’ll go through to the music room and play piano, sing, just let out my feelings through music and it never fails to lift me up! :notes:

I also recently started a blog! It currently focuses mostly on books because I love reading, but it also has some posts about makeup, skincare and whatever else I’m thinking about at the time! I’m really enjoying having a place to just write and share my thoughts :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


I am a lover of music too! I will listen to music as much as I can and it is a big part of my life! I would be lost without it and like you said, it lifts you up sometimes!


I have begun making instruments. In the first lockdown I made a Cajon and an electric guitar. As I become a little more confident in construction I want to build a 12 string and a hollow back guitar but develop my soldering skills and put in custom pick ups.

In the first lockdown I also wrote a lot of music but sadly not practice. The second lockdown I didn’t do any of that but this 3rd lockdown I have decided to go back to writing and a little practice.


Oh and I am playing chess a lot lot more virtually!


You’d be in good company. I’m an editor in the outside world who teaches English on this platform. As the lessons dried up, I saw an unprecedented upswing in referrals from publishers looking to complete works but, significantly, direct approaches from would-be authors wanting guidance: all saying the same thing: no time like the present! One Rookie is now at the (albeit tentative) submission stage. Eight months well spent, so be encouraged.


Hello Anna, can I ask what you drove you to begin practicing turkish on duolingo?
I was born in England but my dad is turkish. Would you be interested in practicing your turkish language skills online? We could focus on a topic for half an hour and practice conversing in turkish. Simply message me if you are interested.
All the best


Thank you, @Rosie_A - that is very kind of you!


Gardening, even in winter and cross-stitching.


Hi everyone! It’s so lovely to hear about everyone’s hobbies- we all need something to keep up happy and lively, no more than ever!

I’ve fallen in love with jazz dancing over the past couple of months! I still haven’t quite built up the confidence to take formal (online) lessons so it’s mostly been YouTube tutorials and vibing to Billie Holiday in the kitchen but, hey, baby steps! My eventual goal is to learn the charleston, it’s one of my favourite dances.

Does anyone else love to dance?