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Hi from Nigel (GCSE maths)

Been with Tutorful for about 3 years now.
Mostly been ok with some good sucess’s with students exams.
Got stabbed with a pencil once as he didnt want to go to grammar school and so didnt want to be tutored!
Hardest part of the job sometimes was finding locations even with a sat nav.
Things have been dead for last year with virtually no students.


Hi Nigel! I’ve also been tutoring on here for 3 years. Luckily, never been stabbed by a pencil though, that sounds intense, especially from a GCSE-aged students.
I’ve had toys thrown at me, but that was by a 4-year-old German student.


Hi Nigel. How are you finding the tutoring of Maths online? I’m tutoring GCSE maths as well as Functional Skills and I’m really enjoying teaching online. I also tutored at people’s houses (in my local area of Somerset/Dorset border) before Covid stopped face-to-face lessons. Now I have students from all over the country and abroad - I have a 13 year old boy at a British International school in Mallorca! As you know maths is the only subject which offers a two-tier exam system (Higher and Foundation). I have one student in Hartlepool who tells me that although he is in a Foundation class at school if he “shows” his teachers in his tests/assessments that he is capable he can bridge the gap to push for a 6. Consequently I am teaching him the content specified only for the higher paper so that he can do this. It sounds like his school are doing away with the two-tier papers, but how will this be standardised across the country I wonder? Emma Harris

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Since lockdown I havent had any students.
Had a couple of possible jobs come up but nothing came of it.

Definitely found getting to new students a challenge. The worst was always finding a good parking spot!

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