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Hi from Abbie👋🏼

Hi everyone,

My names Abbie and I am part of the Tutor Team here at Tutorful!

I have only recently joined the team (It’s actually only my 6th day here) and I look forward to getting stuck in and speaking with you all at some point!:blush:

Here’s a little more about me…

• I am a recent Criminology Graduate from The University of Leicester👩🏼‍🎓
• I am a HUGE foodie! I love to cook and I’m always up for trying new things🍴
• I recently have found a passion for cross-stitching - it’s very therapeutic and a great way to practice mindfulness!:massage_woman:t3:

I’m sure I’ll be speaking to lots of you lovely tutors very soon!

Speak soon,


Hi Abbie

I love cross stitch as well, although the one I started recently is causing no end of headaches, I keep going wrong but anyway it’s my piece of art right?:joy::joy::joy:

Hi Kitty,

I share your pain, I have one flowery design that is too complicated for me at the moment - I’ll need to work on my skills more before I go back and attempt it again :joy:

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