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Hey from York :)

Hey, my name is Heather and I am an English teacher living in York (originally from Teesside). I have been a tutor since 2017, and a full time tutor since 2019.

I went to The University of Aberdeen for my English qualification, and Leeds Trinity for my PGCE. I’ve worked as a secondary teacher, a primary TA, a supply teacher (never again!) and a private tutor.

I absolutely love being a private tutor, but I do miss having colleagues sometimes!

One of the reasons I became a full time self employed tutor is because I have a beautiful little monster of a dog who is a reactive mess with separation anxiety. Being at home has helped her calm a lot, and it has done wonders for me too.


Hi @heather

I’m Kitty. I am not a qualified teacher , I came through the alternative/ further Ed route, and have worked in most settings to. I became a private tutor part time 3 years ago and work with an agency tutoring vulnerable and mentally ill children.

I do core subjects and History, my degree is business management with history.

I’m trying to do this full time but keep getting agency work!

What type of work do you pick up during week days?

Hi Kitty,
I teach academic English to Chinese students online through the day. I also built up a client base while I worked as a TA (I went into TA work after teaching to cover my bills while I built up my tuition after leaving teaching) and I teach some home school students. It did take a couple of months to really build it up to a point where I could live off it and I got my work through several different agencies.
Not being a qualified teacher may be holding you back, and could be the reason you’re mainly getting agency work (depending on what kind of jobs you are looking for. I mainly aim for GCSE, so having the qualifications and classroom teaching and exam marking experience helps a lot here, but it still can take time to build up a client base). It may be good to focus on building reviews and recommendations from current clients?

Yes I agree it doesn’t help not qualifying. I worked as HLTA in secondary science with a teaching timetable and that has helped.

My private work is my main income but I would like to do it all daytime to!

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