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Hey everyone from Kirsty 🙂

Hey everyone :wave:

Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Kirsty and I am one of the Student Experts here at Tutorful but some of you tutors may also recognise my name if we have had a chat together on the phone. :telephone_receiver:

I’m here to help students have the best experience possible when using the site and, with the help of the fab platform obviously, take the stress away from finding their perfect tutor!

Before Tutorful my background was very centred around accounts with some customer service sprinkled in for good measure. I love interacting with people so I felt the move was the right fit for me!

Here’s a bit more information about me for you all to get to know me a little better. :blush:

  • I have a passion for promoting positive mental health in children and young adults and I regularly involve myself in community projects relating to this. :rainbow:
  • I am very family orientated! I have a huge family and we are very close and we cannot wait to all be reunited later this year. :crossed_fingers:
  • My ideal night in (we have had a lot of those recently haven’t we?!) usually involves some kind of true crime documentary on the TV, what about yours? :tv:

It’s been so nice reading everyone’s introductions so far it’s so lovely to know more about you all! I’m loving seeing how much of a positive place that this forum is becoming for everyone. :star2: If any of you have any questions for me please don’t hesitate to ask!