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Hello from Shána! :)

Hi all! :wave:

My name is Shána and I am new to tutoring and have just had my Tutorful account made live - yay!

I am a qualified teacher of 7 years and can teach children from aged 3 to 11, but my specialism is aged 3 to 7. I have a degree in linguistics as well so have worked with a lot of EAL, SEN and SALT students. I know Makaton and I LOVE teaching phonics, reading, writing, early number and shape work, creative arts and well, everything from EYFS and KS1 really!

I am looking forward to being part of the team. I don’t have any clients yet and no jobs are appearing in the search bar, so if there is any advice around to help me get started I would be very grateful!


I find it’s good to do a tutor search in your field. Identify the ones with lots of reviews and hours taught and see how they’ve written their bios.
Start with a reasonable rate (you can raise it when you become established) and it’ll happen :grin:
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Hi, Shana! Welcome to Tutorful! Hope you find it useful! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have plenty of experience, which will help you. My advice as someone who has been on here a while and has good reviews, be patient. Took me a while to get established, and those were in the days when the competition wasn’t as bad as it is now! As Kate says, start off with a reasonable rate; you can always raise it when you feel more established at any time. Apply for any job on the board that’s suitable, as you might not get many coming to you at first, but that will change with reputation.
Good luck! need anything further, do not hesitate to ask. :smiley:


Hi Shana Welcome to Tutorful ! I agree with all the previous advice given by Kate and KatyWilson6 plus I’d also recommend that you reply to any enquiries as as soon as it’s at all possible. If it’s not convenient then I just message Hello and explain that I’m busy but will get back to them as soon as I can. Once you do book a student, try to chase up Tutorful’s request that the parent leave a review of your teaching. Good reviews are one of the first things that potential parents look for. Best of luck, Shana