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Hello from Nicole 😁

Hi everyone,

My name is Nicole and I have been with Tutorful since July 2020. I am 23 (will soon be 24) and I am a fully qualified RQT Primary School Teacher with a BA Honours in Primary Education (with QTS) but currently working as a full-time Tutor due to the current situation. I cover all areas of the English Primary National Curriculum (EYFS/KS1/KS2) but the main areas that seem to come up are English/Phonics and Maths. I also tutor 11+/Entrance Exam preparation as I personally sat the 11+, my brother also sat this, I have previous experience in tutoring in this area and my first teaching job involved working in a private school where they also prepared them for the 11+.

As mentioned before, my first teaching job was in a Private Primary School, where I was very lucky to experience lots of training days for a school Maths Scheme called Inspire Maths! From these training days, I do my best to implement what I learnt to my tutoring sessions (where possible) as I know how helpful it can be! In that school, I taught Year 6 and Year 3 and loved every moment of it! My second teaching job was in a state Primary school where I taught Year 1. Unfortunately, my experience in teaching that year group was cut short due to covid which I was devastated about as it was such a lovely school to work in.

In both schools, I experienced inspections from OFSTED (or the Private School equivalent called ISI) and received brilliant reports! Safe to say I had a very intense first 2 years in my teaching career.

I provide online lessons only and work with lots of children from all over the country, covering a wide spectrum of ages and subjects and even have the joy of teaching a lovely SEN child!

I love to make lessons as fun and engaging for the children (where possible) and try to make it as personalised as possible. I feel that the key to a successful education is to ensure that you have a good and strong relationship with the children and encourage that love of learning and love for learning!

I have loved tutoring as it allows me to do the job I love with a wide variety of children and I feel like, just as with teaching, it is very rewarding seeing them flourish and grow, knowing you have helped them on that journey. I am very passionate about what I do and I always want the best for every child I work with.

I am looking forward to using this forum as a way to interact with other tutors as it can be quite a lonely and isolating experience working on your own (as opposed to a school environment where you have lots of other work colleagues), especially given the current situation as well and it will be nice to get to know other tutors on here, share experiences and ideas and offer support when needed.


Hi Nicole, nice to meet you! I am Kathrin and I live in London. Like you, I tutor and teach full-time, independent from a school. It sounds like I teach slightly older people than you do - most of mine are GCSE, A level or even adult learners. My teaching degree is for secondary school, so it makes sense for me to work with these populations, and I also find the transition to online learning easier the older the student is. I used to travel around all of London to visit my students before lockdown!

Lovely to connect with other teachers such as yourself, and I hope to see you around the forums.

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Hi, nice to meet you Kathrin, it is nice to meet a fellow full-time tutor! I look forward to hopefully seeing you in the forums too! :blush:

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Hello nice to meet you.
I qualified as a primary teacher in July 2020 and have been tutoring online since then. It’s great to connect.


Nice to meet you!! Hopefully we can stay in touch and share ideas etc!