Hello from new Product Manager at Tutorful, Sam!

Hi everyone!

I want to introduce myself as I settle nicely in my Product Manager role at Tutorful.

I have over 6 years of experience in EdTech going from Sales to Customer Success and then landing in Product. My previous companies Show My Homework and Firefly were hugely involved in online learning and I’m excited to bring my knowledge and ideas to Tutorful.

Although, I cannot do it alone and I’m a huge believer in working closely with users of the product to better understand what is needed to make the platform the perfect space for you!

I look forward to meeting you all and bumping our heads together to create exciting ideas and grow online tutoring to a greater level moving forward.

All the best!


Welcome Sam, I’m sure we all look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Just wondering, are you going to be involved in the new Tutorful Classes project?

Hi there!

Classes are being looked after but our very own @katie_tutorful, I’m sure you’ve heard of her, she’s a rock star! I will be taking over the Classroom to make it the best it can be for both Tutors and Students.

However, seeing as Classes are hosted in the Classroom, I’m sure Katie and I will be collaborating at some point down the line.

Nice to “meet” you, @012gogaj!

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Hi and welcome Sam, I’m locked in to writing a best selling novel at the moment, a Friday afternoon thing. However, I look forward to speaking again in the near future and I’ll certainly provide as much positive input as I can. I liked your positive and upbeat message. I anticipate appearing on the Graham Norton Show or The One Show in about 2-3 years time discussing the book . Both of those post finish line so it takes the pressure off the finish line ( published ! ) so to speak. Speak soon, Nige