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Hello from Mark, co-founder and CEO

Hello everyone.

Having read some of the lovely introductions here, I thought I’d introduce myself and say hello :wave:.

My name is Mark, and together with a long-time friend of mine, started Tutorful way back in 2015 (it feels like it’s gone a lot quicker than 5 years!). Back then I used to spend a lot of time speaking to tutors, parents and students (and imagine I’ve met a fair few of you who joined in the early days), but now my job is steering the overall direction of the company, help improve the product, and supporting the fantastic team that we’ve got here at Tutorful. :100:

It’s absolutely amazing to hear some of the stories from our community of tutors, about how everyone got into tutoring, and how you’re able to help so many children and students reach their potential. It’s honestly incredibly inspiring. Really excited to meet some of you (if only virtually for now).

You’ll see me around the forum from time to time, but in the meantime feel free to drop me a message - about anything! We’re always trying to make Tutorful better (and I know in some areas there’s a bit of a way still to go), and we have some really ambitious plans for where we want to take the product and service, so I’d love to hear your feedback on things that are working / things that aren’t / annoying problems that you think we could solve. I’d honestly love to hear them.

Kind regards,


Hi Mark,

Last year I was working completely online and working with several tutoring companies. I can say that Tutorful is my favourite of the companies that I have worked with as the general booking system is sensible and flexible. Preply, for example, requires that tutors provide a trial lesson which the tutor isn’t compensated for and then potential students have to buy a package of a minimum of 6 lessons. I only taught one class with Preply then raised my price so that I haven’t received any more requests as I think that system is unnecessary. The Tutorful system is far more realistic as sometimes people might just want to have a one off 30 minute discussion.

Thank you for creating a great platform. I can also say that when I’ve had email conversations, and two voice calls, with Tutorful staff that they always seem friendly and helpful.

I think in the future you should make it an international service as many of my clients through Tutorful have not been from the UK but have had a UK bank account. However, the reviews of tutors by clients will become more problematic in my experience if the service is opened to different countries and Tutorful should probably be prepared and ready to delete unreasonable, callous negative reviews by clients if necessary.

Best regards,


Hi Ed,

Good to meet you and great to hear that it’s working well for you! And thanks for the suggestions, we’re thinking pretty hard about ways we can expand the service beyond just the UK :slight_smile:



Hi Mark

I just want to say you and your team have taken my career to a new level. 3 years go nearly, I was facing a future with no job prospects and decided , after working in various settings in Education, to go it alone. I was terrified even though I hold a business management degree!

Today I have 9 students online two recent ones from France and Polland.

I can keep earning and also work during the day with a teaching agency tutoring highly complex SEMH vulnerable students in the community.

It has been hard for me to adapt to online and video chats , due to my own health issues.

Your team are fantastic and always available to sort me out when things are not going well.

Just whatever you decide strategically for your business, please don’t stop , we all rely on you and I thank everyday for your life choice to set this up.

Thank you.


Hi Kitty,

That’s absolutely amazing to hear! Absolutely delighted it’s been able to help you in some small way - it’s stories like this that we work so hard to keep improving the platform!


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