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Hello from Katie, a Product Manager at Tutorful

Hi everyone :wave:

I’m Katie. I’m the Product Manager at Tutorful for the new online classroom.

Before working at Tutorful I worked as a Product Owner in another company and I was a Secondary teacher for over 5 years. I’ve also done supply work in several primary schools and part-time tuition.

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all the feedback that has already been provided so far about the new online classroom. All the feedback that has been submitted in the community has also been passed on. We value every piece of feedback and use it to help us to prioritise what additions and improvements to make.

I’ll pop into the forum from time to time to answer any questions you have and to keep you updated with product developments. In the future, I’m hoping to get your thoughts and opinions on our new ideas so that we can work together to make Tutorful as good as it can be.

Some facts about me:

  • I have a fluffy cat named Poppy (some tutors may have already met her as she enjoys joining meetings). :cat:
  • I love to dance :dancer: Especially latin and ballroom
  • I love exploring the mountains :mountain: (or anywhere outdoors really)

All the best,


Katie - welcome to the forum!

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Hi Katie - Paul history tutor

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Hi Katie.

You maybe able to help me.

Last night I was using the original classroom ( I’m still waiting to be able to use the new one) I was tutoring English to a Polish lady who lives in Poland.

She typed a sentence on the whiteboard and it came up as , what I think was upside down Polish!

She said her keyboard was set to English and that she had typed in English.

What happened? We are having to use my email to swop written work.

Please help


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Hi Kitty!

That does sound unusual… was she able to type anything else the correct way and has this problem happened previously?

Kind regards,

Hi Katie

That student left me I’m afraid.

I have just had one of my regulars on the new classroom for the first time for both of us. It was hilarious!

We had a few issues which I want highlight, although they may already be known to you.

1/. Maximising the screen then minimising again, the button is too faint , I can’t see well and my student could not find it either!

2/. How do we clear the screen in one go? Or do we just use another clean screen each time?

3/ how do we clear a individual text box? My student figured out how to delete work by backspacing.

4/ students can move to new board and remove work , I’m abit concerned about this with my younger ones!

5/ the text box will only write in column form not across whole page, this was annoying, any advise appreciated here!

6/ the photo size is tiny and I personally would prefer a quarter of a page size so I can see facial expressions.


We loved how quick it was to load!
And to write and work on the board , text comes through instantly!