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Hello from Julia (Maths)

Hi Everyone!

I’m Julia, I’ve been tutoring on Tutorful for over two years now. I mainly teach mathematics and I’m a post-graduate student in Applied Probability Theory. I love mathematics and sharing my passion for mathematics with others!

I would love to get to know some other tutors and share our experiences.


Hi Julia,

I’m Anna, lovely to meet you! Applied Probability Theory sounds so cool :smiley:

My knowledge of probability is limited to GCSE & A-levels but I’d love to find out more about your field.

I also tutor Maths but my main subject is Chemistry :test_tube: :lab_coat:

What part of Maths do you enjoy teaching the most? I love algebra and trigonometric identities. There’s something so satisfying about simplifying these long, complicated expressions and making them short and pretty :heart_eyes:

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Hey, it’s great to meet you too!

I love teaching algebra and trigonometric identities too, often my students have never seen how to get the formulas and why they need to use them (it’s just given in the formula booklet without any explanation other than use this!) so I like the moment when something like that finally makes sense to my students :blush: I think a lot of the time, the WHY is just as important as HOW


Hi I tutor maths too! Not as advanced as you all I tutor yr8-9 maths at the moment
I’m a 2nd yr med student at uni :slight_smile:


Hi Julia,

I tutor maths too! I have a degree in it so my passion really is within mathematics, such a great subject with so many interesting areas. My favourite thing when teaching A Level is explaining the reasoning behind an equation, I feel like that is sometimes glossed over in maths education.


Hi Julia, I teach maths at a secondary school and love it sooo much, I continue to teach it in the evenings and at weekends! :smiley::heart::+1:t2:


Well done on finding time to tutor while studying Medicine! You must be so organised :smiley:

Haha thanks! Try to be :joy:

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That’s awesome, great to hear from you! It’s difficult sometimes to balance your time but I think teaching maths alongside studying in a numerical discipline really helps to reinforce your own understanding :blush: Wish you all successes in your studies!

Hi! That’s awesome to hear! :blush: Maths is a lifestyle, for sure.

I’ve had a similar experience, it seems students are keen to understand the logic behind the formulas their using, but often it’s just presented in classes as “here’s the formula in the booklet, and how to use it”. It’s great that you can share your passion with students and get them interested as well! :blush:

Hi I also Tutor maths. I actually had a career as an FD and found myself many times helping out on mathematical and spreadsheet matters.
Having worked in an engineering environment a number of years I was motivated to try and help youngsters to GCSE maths. Although I did A level and some maths in my Economics degree, I thought A level may be a stretch at this point. I started by doing Foundation and Higher maths from text books to make sure I remembered everything.
I have a long history of voluntary work with young people and had 3 teenagers going through it myself, so it wasn’t such a big step.


Hi Maths Tutors. I’m tutoring maths as well as Functional Skills and I’m really enjoying teaching online. I also tutored at people’s houses (in my local area of Somerset/Dorset border) before Covid stopped face-to-face lessons. Now I have students from all over the country and abroad - I have a 13 year old boy at a British International school in Mallorca! As you know maths is the only subject which offers a two-tier exam system (Higher and Foundation). I have one student in Hartlepool who tells me that although he is in a Foundation class at school if he “shows” his teachers in his tests/assessments that he is capable he can bridge the gap to push for a 6. Consequently I am teaching him the content specified only for the higher paper so that he can do this. It sounds like his school are doing away with the two-tier papers, but how will this be standardised across the country I wonder? Emma Harris

Hi Julia - I had a eureka moment with a (very bright) GCSE student recently when she realised that when using the Completing the Square method for solving a Quadratic it came out like the surd form for the Quadratic formula. I now teach both these methods in tandem as it helps them to understand where the formula comes from like you say, and WHY they use them not just HOW! Emma

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I would love for this to be standardised. A lot of students who are on the edge between foundation and higher grades are missing out, simply because of the cap on the foundation paper!