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Hello from Jess πŸ‘‹

Hey everyone! :wave:

My name is Jess and I am the Tutor Quality Lead at Tutorful! I’ve worked on the Customer Success Team here for nearly three years and I’m sure I’ve spoken to plenty of you over the phone and via email.

My favourite things about working at Tutorful are our lovely team, getting to speak with tutors who are really passionate about their work and hearing the success stories from students and parents. :star2:

A few things about me:

  • Lockdown has ignited two passions in me; walking and paint by numbers, and I can often be found covered in paint in my garden! :art:
  • I have a mild obsession with all things Marvel and have seen all of the films at least four times in the last few months. :woman_superhero:
  • I have a beautiful white German Shepherd/Malamute called Harry who looks like a wolf and is the size of a Shetland pony. :wolf:

Really excited to be part of the forum, it’s something we’ve always wanted to get set up! I’ll be starting a few threads to get your feedback on some ideas we have, so do interact if you see them.

If anyone has any questions or needs any support just let me know! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi Jess! I have had a some really helpful email responses from someone called β€˜Jess’ at Tutorful which I assume was you so thank you for that!

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Hey Joe,

You are very welcome indeed! If you need anything, just let me know. :grin:

Hi Jess! Your dog is sooo cute!

What do you do as a Tutor quality lead?

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Hi Julia!

He is a sweetheart, very hairy though :face_with_hand_over_mouth: the hoovering is insane!

So, my role is fairly new at Tutorful! The quality of our tutors is something that is really important to us, we want to make sure that students have the best possible experience with a tutor, as we all know that one bad experience can have lasting effects. Over the last year, we changed our sign up process and we now make sure that all new tutors are interviewed and attend two training seminars before being set live on the site.

My role consists of supporting tutors who may be having issues, whether that be with their timetable, scores or a particular student, making sure that tutors know how to use the site correctly and are comfortable with what Tutorful expects of them. I also contact tutors after they receive negative feedback from parents or students, just to make sure that they are aware and to hear any concerns they may have too!

If you have any questions, just let me know. :grin:

I joined a while ago so my experience starting out was a bit different than this but the support from Tutorful has always been so great, so thank you! :blush:

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