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Hello from Hollie :)

Hi there!

I’m Hollie, I am part of the student team here at Tutorful :smiley:
I have worked in customer service for a few years now and I love getting to speak to new people every day!
Here is some information to get to know me a little better :star2:
I LOVE being outdoors, my favourite thing to do on a weekend is venture through the peak district :mountain:
I’ve taken up baking since the lockdown, I’m still working on my presentation :cake:
I have a big family, I take being the fun auntie very seriously and cant wait to be back with all my friends and family in the very near future :revolving_hearts:


Hi Holly,
Lovely to meet you and I hope you’re safe and well :relaxed:
Ooh, baking has been quite popular during the lockdown - what kind of cool things have you cooked up?

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Hi :slight_smile: ive attempted lots of cakes, i can say confidently I’ve mastered a victoria sponge cake :cake:

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