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Hello from Chelsey

Hey everyone, I’m Chelsey-Ann. I’ve been tutoring English (sometimes Psychology) for about a year and a half now. It would be great to get to know other tutors!


Hi Chelsey :slight_smile: Welcome to the community :relaxed:

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Hi Chelsey

I do English too.


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Cool! Are you enjoying it?


On the whole yes, there are moments when I think what can I do here to help them learn this? It is sometimes hard.

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Yeah I get that, I don’t always feel capable, but I do try to play to my strengths

Hi Chelsey,

I have been teaching Arabic for over a year now and it has been a very good experience on this website. I have an experience of teaching for more than 8 years now and it is sometimes difficult to motivate students to learn if they do not generate part of that motivation. In my opinion, motivation is contagious for us teachers and goes both ways. If the students are motivated and do their homework and practice at home; it usually motivates the teacher as well. Because the setting is different from a conventional setting where the teachers have a bigger role of course it is different if you are teaching children, most of my students are adults.

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Hi Khaled thanks for sharing your experience! I totally agree with what you say about motivation. I always try to be upbeat and enthusiastic but it’s a lot easier when my students are sharing that energy.