Hello everyone, this is Paree from the Tutor Success Team!

Hello amazing Tutorful Community, my name is Paree and I’m the new Community Moderator :sparkles:

I grew up in Reading, and I’ve lived in Spain, France and Japan - I was an English teacher in both Madrid and Mihara (near Hiroshima), so I’m really happy to be working for Tutorful, as it allows me to continue to feel part of the education process, and I love helping tutors and students have the best possible experience on our platform :smiling_face:

In my free time, I love learning languages, listening to music (and discovering music from other countries) and travelling, and I’m really hoping to visit Azerbaijan some day as my great-grandfather was from there!

Please do let me know if you have any questions, either about me or about Tutorful, and feel free to send me a direct message if you prefer :slight_smile:

Paree (Tutorful) :sparkles:


Hi Paree

Welcome. I hope you have an awesome experience here.


Thank you so much Rocki! :smiling_face: