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Hello & Bonjour!


I’m Rosalie & I’ve been a part time English & French Tutor with Tutorful since 2016!! They’re definitely the best around for tutoring, as I 've always had lovely clients, and the team have always been super helpful and friendly!

I love languages & theatre, and graduated with a Bachelors in French way back in 1999!! I did my TEFL pretty soon after, and moved across the channel to teach English to primary school children, and eventually Business English in Paris!!

I love to travel, and have also worked in Spain & Italy!

With a love of languages, I decided to train as a Community Interpreter, which I combine with teaching!

I am passionate about Theatre, and eventually trained in Physical Theatre in my 30s! I am now doing a Masters in in Performance Making, which means I get to create my own work as a live artist! I love to combine the arts, languages and teaching, so let’s see what the future holds!!

Above all, I am a mum to a gorgeous 6 year old, and that’s the best I could ever ask for ![

IMG-20201029-WA0008|281x500](upload://mZAEJ3Df5AsJlWmmBkNB3gimGua.jpeg) :heart:

Here’s a picture our cat, Chaussette ( socks!) being very cute :heart_eyes: :heartpulse: