Happy Solstice Day!: What do you do to keep cool and have fun in (British) summertime?

Happy Solstice Day everyone! :sunny: :tada: As today marks the astronomical first day of summer, I’d like to pose the following question for you:

Some like it hot, but are you ‘too cool for school’…?

The heatwave may be over for now, but with the Met Office forecasting higher than average temperatures for July, what do you do to keep cool when the temperature rises, at home or on holiday?

If you’re anything like me, you wait all year for shorts and t-shirt weather, then when it arrives, complain you’re too hot! :melting_face:

Do you enjoy a heatwave or do you actually prefer our typically mild summer weather?

Here are some of my personal favourite tips for keeping cool in hot weather:

  • When I lived in France, in summer everyone would close their shutters during the day. Closing the curtains during the day will also help to block out the sunlight from heating up the room. Then open the windows at night to allow the air in your home to circulate.

  • Get rid of your duvet and just sleep under the duvet cover instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Drink a mix of crushed ice and water, make your own ice lollies with fruit juice, or even try frozen fruit. :grapes: :watermelon:

What do you look forward to most about the British summer particularly, whether that’s events, recipes, turning up that Wham song on the radio about ‘fun and sunshine’ and drinks being free… or in general, British summer life? Maybe you have a favourite summer song? :notes:

Feel free to share your favourite things about summer here, and any tips you may have for cool refreshment! :sunglasses:


One I read about once, and it’s very effective,is to hold an ice cube for 5-6 seconds at the base of your spine ( just above where your belt ). It’s cools you down ! Have a go.

Thanks Nigel, that sounds like a great one to try (ice cubes have so many uses, don’t they)!

As a redhead plenty of factor 50 is my number one summer tip, and staying in the shade at peak afternoon times is a good way to not overheat! :sunny: :parasol_on_ground:

A summer song everyone should love is Glad you came by The Wanted, always reminds me of summer! :man_dancing:

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Thanks for the great (and very important) tip about staying in the shade and sun protection! For anyone lucky enough to be going snorkelling, you may find it interesting that you can get reef-safe sunscreens now that are friendly to the marine environment :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the song choice too, it definitely captures the spirit of summer! For a laid back vibe, I’m also really enjoying Lorde’s new album “Solar Power”. :sunny:

Watermelon! Tasty, refreshing, rehydrating, nutritious and anti-inflammatory (so great for many health problems). It’s good to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day anyway, but watermelon itself packs a colossal amount of water!:watermelon: