Grow your tutoring business with Tutorful Group Classes!

We are really excited to be launching online group classes here at Tutorful, and would love for you to be a part of this exciting new journey!

We are on the lookout for tutors who offer fun and creative classes in their chosen subject/s, hobbies or interests. We’re looking for everything from specific topics in the national curriculum, to extracurricular activities such as drawing, coding or drama.

Classes should be fun, inspiring sessions that spark the imagination and give students the opportunity to understand and engage with their lessons in a way that traditional teaching methods do not allow.

If you have a passion for explosive science experiments, gruesome history, or the art of fashion design then we want to hear about it. We want Tutorful classes to inspire the next generations of astronauts, explorers, inventors and authors.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to run a successful Tutorful class, please send your idea and an overview of the structure of each class. Classes can run over as little as 3 sessions, or as many as 8, with a maximum of 10 students per class.

Submit your proposal here!

To get you started, here’s an example of a class our students are interested in learning.

Title: Pokemon Drawing Class
Age group: 6 - 8

Love Pokemon? Passionate about Pikachu? Each week we’ll draw a new character from the Pokemon universe. We’ll take it step by step, using simple drawing techniques that are perfect for beginners. Draw and then showcase your favourite Pokemon to the rest of the class. It’s a fun way to practice drawing, build confidence and make new friends.

Pencil & Paper
Ability to concentrate for 20-minute intervals

Once you’ve submitted your proposal, we’ll be in touch over the next couple of weeks if we would like to arrange a proposal review with a member of our classes team.


According to the e mail Tutorful sent me on this I can earn up to twice my usual hourly rate if the course is fully subscribed.

Lets do some sums.

Currently I advertise at £30 per hour. Gives me £60 for the lesson. If 10 pupils pay £15 each. Then Tutorful get £90 equals a 67% cut.
& I thought a 20% cut was excessive.

Alternatively I could stop doing 1 to 1 tuition and raise my rate to £76 per hour with the extra workload involved. The 10 parents pay £150 between them. I get £152 and Tutorful get minus £2.

There may be a problem with Tutorful’s business model here.


I’m sorry, what? Only double my usual rate to lead a group? Is this a joke??? I have been doing group classes outside of tutorful for years. The rate for a group class is 4 times or more what I charge individual students and that’s still pretty cheap! My group classes have a limit of 6 kids. Tutorful wants me to teach up to 10 for peanuts, really?
ON TOP OF THAT, “if the course is fully subscribed”? Nonsense! I teach groups at £80 per hour regardless of how many kids are in the class. Wanna pay less? Invite your friends. Otherwise the price is split between the participants. Now, I know that this would be difficult to do on Tutorful but “double your rate IF people show up” is just insulting.

And this is why I did not put my name forward, it just does not sound like it will be worth the extra work involved, for the tutors I mean, I can, however, see how it might benefit Tutorful.

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Are you sure tutorful takes a 67% cut? Surely that can’t be right?

If this is because of the extra work load tutorful is taking on due to having to check our submissions for group lesson proposals - how about just don’t bother with that, let tutors advertise their own group lessons with an automated system and its own separate search function and let whoever manages to attract students to that succeed automatically, and take only 20%!


Am I sure?

Well based upon the best data available to me

  • My advertised hourly rate
  • £15 per hour for up to 10 pupils
  • Words sent with my email - were actually “up to 2 x your hourly rate”

That gives Tutorful cut as a minimum of 67%

Further reasons for not putting myself forward are

  • at best its going to be at least 2 times the work for 2 times the income
  • It could deprive up to 10 fellow tutors of a pupil.
  • It is not an attractive deal for parents. Instead of £15 plus for 1 to 1 tuition its a fixed £15 for 10% of a teacher. I really can’t see parents going in for it.
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I guess it’s a lot more advertising to get 10 students for 1 session, so it makes sense that the cut might be higher (67% is a bit much though, I do agree!).
Qualified and highly experienced teachers, and generally people higher on the hourly rate scale (I charge £56 an hour) would do well if its double the hourly rate. I teach groups through another company and get the same hourly with them as I do single students.
If a course is popular you can redo it and earn well without as much planning too, as you already have the resources.
It has potential to be great. Parents with lower budgets can get highly qualified and experienced tutors at a reduced rate, and some may choose to continue one to one after the group lessons. It probably won’t appeal to tutors charging a lower fee for one to one, but I really like the idea.

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How would the feedback system work with a group of 10 students? Would each student need personalised feedback for each lesson, or would it be a general feedback about what we did for the whole group?

I think the problem with that is that as you are having multiple students to each lesson, then there is the potential for poorly planned and/or executed lessons that may damage the Tutorful brand.

The idea itself is a good one and if executed properly like the way Tutorful is wanting to do, will only enhance the reputation of the platform and so attracting even more clients to the site.

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Isn’t that already the case for normal tuition, though? That’s why we have the algorithm which sidelines tutors who don’t have a high client retention rate and that’s how tutorful gets quality control automatically through an algoritham.

So couldn’t something similar be done for the classes feature?

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Yes and no.

Tutorful classess is not just the same as normal 1-to-1 tuition and it has been introduced what looks like as a “Premium Feature”, that Tutorful is probably hoping would differentiate it from at least some of its competitors.

Upsetting one client through 1-to-1 tuition will have less of an impact on the reputation of the platform as opposed to say 8 with a class.

It looks like Tutorful wants to open these classes up to only a handful of experienced and effective tutors and that is something that I agree should be the way to proceed.

Once I have more experience with the subjects that I am teaching then I will be interested in tutoring classes of this nature, as I think a well planned class of say 8 may be able to deliver 80% of the learning for a fraction of the price per student compared to the traditional 1-to-1 session. Making effective tutoring more accessible can only be a good thing as currently a lot of children do not have parents with enough disposable income to get extra support outside their school.


I certainly agree about how effective this could be for parents who don’t have enough disposable income, and I take your point about the impact of a negative lesson being more damaging for a class than just 1-on-1. However perhaps that just suggests that only experienced and highly rated tutors should be given access, and the algorithm could then be relied on after that? At the moment I am just speculating, I suppose I would need to hear from tutorful whether the 67% pay cut is accurate and what the reason for it is because then hopefully tutors would feel better about it.

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I agree that if Tutorful’s cut is anything like 67% then it would be way too much and they would have a problem attracting the right calibre of tutor to plan and deliver the classes.

Yes, they are justified in taking more than 20% of the lesson price as there is more work for them with classes but it needs to be reasonable and proportional.

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Hi all,

I just want to clarify that the platform fee will be 30% for classes, not 67%. The “twice as much as your hourly rate” figure is meant to be indicative - clearly tutors can (and do!) charge very different rates!