Group lessons: pricing

Hi guys,

How much would you charge per person per lesson for group lessons? with and without commission? This isn’t really a Tutorful issue but still interested to get feedback as I’m worrying I’m setting my rates too high, but with the cost of living going up I think I have to charge more.

What are your thoughts?

Honestly, I think it just depends on the level of the subject and how many students you’re letting in to the class. The more students, the cheaper it would be.
I think group sessions are great for giving a cheaper alternative to one to one. I think, as a whole, tutors undersell themselves due to the guilt of out pricing some students, but we need to find a balance, because we are professionals with qualifications and experience, and I can’t think of any other profession where people feel so guilty for charging more. So basically, charge what you think is right. If it is a small group and a specific, complex and sought after course, it will be more expensive. Some parents may not like it, but don’t undersell yourself and end up doing a lot of work for less money.