Group classes enquires

Hi everyone,
I had a message today saying that a parent wants to chat about the group classes and has been given a link to the message board. They haven’t specified which group class their want to talk about. However, my concern is that if every parent wants to talk about the group classes we provide, we could be inundated with inquiries and since it can be 10 students to a group, we could be swamped.
Has anyone else had this and shouldn’t tutorful ask us first before setting up the link to our message board?

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your post and for raising your concerns about parents contacting you regarding group classes. Students do not automatically have a link to your profile, but on rare occasions we have enabled students to message a group classes tutor if they have requested this specifically and wished to ask a question about the suitability of a class before making a booking. If you would prefer not to be contacted directly via your messages I will make sure this doesn’t reoccur. Also, if you are concerned such an enquiry will affect your scores, please let us know at or 0114 383 0989 and we will be able to remove them from affecting your scores. Best wishes, Juliet (Community manager)