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Government's announcement

Anyone else really frustrated with the announcement today?!

Understandably, my students are very confused and want guidance. After a bit of reading and research I feel a bit less frazzled, but I’m still a little puzzled by everything.

Here’s what I know so far:

Students will go back on 8th March and I assume they’ll take many assessments, like past papers and so on (great for my English lot as we’ve done several past papers!). I believe they will be closed book, but no time limit, and will be marked by teachers.

Grades need to be submitted to exam board by 18th June (so I’m guessing the students will be assessed until end of May - that means I will likely lose all my GCSE students then but that’s round about what it’s like every other year so not an issue).

Exam results A Level 10th August, GCSE 12th August

So I guess I just need to tell my students what I’ve been telling them all along: revise hard and treat it like a normal exam year!

Hope this has helped, feel free to discuss any other thoughts on the ‘exam’ fiasco! :slight_smile:


I agree it’s all confusing and I somehow still have the thought in the back of my head that those dates and rules may still change :woman_shrugging: Honestly, wouldn’t surprise me anymore :see_no_evil:

For us tutors, cancelled exams may actually be a positive outcome because we will be in demand continuously between now and the start of June. Before Covid-19 was a thing, the few weeks coming up to exams would always be extra busy with everyone requesting extra lessons all at the same time - now at least there is the possibility that the assessments in different schools throughout the country will be on different days so we will be able to accommodate more of these extra sessions over a longer period of time.


Hi everyone! Still reading this but NEA is still in - it will be important that tutors stay within the framework of how much help they can give as students prepare work for submission. I would think a quick revisiting of examination board websites to remind ourselves as to what is permissible in terms of help would be a very good idea as often students seem ill-informed on this issue.


The government updates and announcements are definitely something to look out for to see how this might impact tutoring! I think tutoring will always be important to supplement learning, whether exams are on or not.

Schools going back will most likely change your student’s schedules so I would be conscious of this. :eyes:

I found this article really interesting as it provides a bit more context over the current situation: How could children make up for lost school time? - BBC News


I have one particular Year 11 maths student who does not attend mainstream school and has been home educated since he left his school in March of last year. Such individuals were forgotten lost souls during the quagmire of last year, many never receiving a grade. Does anyone know what we as tutors need to do to help facilitate GCSE grading for these students?


Goodness @Chris - that’s a good point. I must admit, I have no idea… :thinking:

I’m assuming as tutors are not ‘regulated’ as teachers are, it would be very challenging for tutors to provide evidence towards a grade???

I certainly think these poor students need to be accounted for though… !


I would keep an eye on the different exam boards. When I teach at school, the rules for GCSE and BTEC is different so my mentality is to continue as I am and then I can make these adjustments once news is confirmed. In my private teaching, ABRSM have been very informative throughout lockdown and I know they switched to virtual exams for a brief period.
In my opinion, I cannot worry too much about this as I am not in control of the decisions that will be made.


I’m assuming homeschooled students have to locate a centre willing to take them as private clients. The exam boards should have a list of local centres.

I know we can’t grade, I forget why but I asked this before. I’ve also tried as a staff member of a school to sit the exam there and was told no.

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I have a student in a similar situation but she is still on roll at a school and I have been able to converse with the school and get assessments sent out to me. When she has completed them, her mother scans them back to the school. It’s not ideal but at least they have some knowledge of what she is studying and they can assign her a level. I did have to push the Science Dept. to get them to send me the end of topic assessments that the rest of her class would be doing, but I appreciate that in your situation, there is no-one you can “push” as such!

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My granddaughter has been home tutored for the last 18 months, she had taken some exams during the lockdown doung iGCSE. Sge got a grade 7 for English Language and her maths result is due tomorrow.

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Wishing her the best of luck!

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She has it all planned for the future.

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I totally agree. As a private tutor I am doing training to know how to assess students for MFL. AQA has published on their website online webinars for assessment in 2021.

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