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Good evening from Camille :smile:

Hi everyone, my name is Camille and I am new to the tutorial community!!

I look forward to Meer other tutors who share my passion for the French and Spanish cultures. Tips would be highly appreciated :smile:

Also, I would love to do a language exchange in Italian as I will be moving to Italy in September and would like to learn the basics. Don’t hesitate to get in touch :relaxed:


Hi Camille, welcome to the community!

Your move to Italy sounds so exciting. I grew up in Switzerland, so have been there a few times on holiday, but never for a long time. Italy is a wonderful country.

I am learning Spanish at the moment, so definitely share your passion for Hispanic cultures. It’s a great language to learn, and it’s really helping me to empathise with my own language students, as I see first-hand the struggles they go through while learning a language.

Happy tutoring!