Goals/plans for 2022

Happy New Year, all!

Hope 2022 is good to you all!

Just wondering what your goals are for this year? Mine are to try and grow the business a bit more and keep plodding on doing what I love!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful festive break!


Hopefully drop tutoring on Saturdays by Easter so I can have my weekends back!

Aiming to be hovering around the 2.5k hours completed mark by the end of the year.

And I need to get fit. Too much Christmas weight to shed. Made a start today by going to the gym but it’s all about how you finish and not how you start :slight_smile:


Hi Katie and everyone and well done Katie for starting this off. Like Basmati64 I have also reclaimed my Saturday’s until mid September i was still working in the garage/canal shop in my village. I have given that up and Saturday is my day off now. As of next Friday I am giving up my car, sale is arranged and as I work exclusively online now like the rest of us I don’t need one. This means no more volunteering on the local steam railway but I was keeping a car simply for that, its a 40 mile round trip and I want to make a greater effort with climate change. Its a case as with all of us in recognising what is worth preserving and what needs to change. Thanks to Covid I walk down the canal 7km every day - its mindfulness at its best as well as good exercise and this is my morning before tutoring. I am also going to have a go at teaching from abroad with my existing student and see how that works. I have checked it out and it should be fine so I am going to be in the Mediterranean for four weeks. For me personal goals need to make you happier and enrich your life and its about working towards those aims, so to everyone who reads this may you be happy in your life in 2022.

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My health went downhill with so much desk work last year. I was working a lot so I could buy my first house with my other half, which we managed and moved in a week before Christmas!!
So, my main goal is to get back into countryside walks for my physical and mental health. With work, I’ll be happy if I just keep my income consistent with what I’ve been doing since September. Eventually I’d like to expand, but I think my health needs to come first at the moment.

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Hi Katie

It’s been a quiet month for me work wise.

My husband has cancer and part of my tutoring stopped completely when he went into hospital before Yule.

I have no goals for any part of my life this year, just with the flow.

I am getting another pension in 6 months though.