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Gardening is great!

Hi everyone,
I wondered as I wandered ( oh yes ! ) around the garden, if there are any other gardening enthusiasts in the community, for those of you fortunate enough to have a garden. The great thing about home based working is the flexibility so if needs be I sometimes check out of the office for half an hour and go into the garden and then return fully fit, refreshed and raring to go !


I’ve only just gotten into gardening this year as a result of working from home! I’ve never grown anything before, but I’m now the proud owner of a rapidly expanding vegetable patch - it definitely provides a bit of a nice break from staring at a screen all day. :smile:

Here’s a photo of my first ever homegrown strawberry:

(it got eaten very shortly after this picture was taken)

Thanks so much for sharing! :star:


Eve that is tremendous ! As far as I know , strawberries are quite difficult to grow. You’ve done very well there.


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Love it, it’s my passion and I have way too many house plants lol I love growing from seed, trying out different plants; succulents, cacti, airplants, anything really. I do get a sense of fulfilment from pruning, splitting and tending to my seedlings. Tomatoes are easy to grow but so satisfying even though I do not have enough room for a vegetable patch! Oh and I have 5 baby Acers that I have been nursing for a couple of years and have to resist buying more :rofl:

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Hi Kayleigh, I’ve been growing all sorts of veg in posts, including the new one-runner beans ! Photo attached.

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Better photo ! Shiny things keep the birds away so I’m told : )

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Hopefully it works, I reckon it should as the runner bean roots don’t go down too far.
Grown in pots as there’s not much space to grow veg.

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Absolutely I have always loved gardening and now i live in a 1750thatched cottage i want to create the ultimate cottaer garden.

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