Frustrations with Tutorful

I’ve been on Tutorful for a couple of years and, to be honest, it has been rewarding and supportive as I’ve combined it with full time caring duties.

Up until now I’ve never had a (serious) problem, I recruit until my schedule is full then go offline. Due to losing my GCSE students I have recently gone back online and am currently reviewing options…

Most enquires are presumably mass since there’s no response to my response and then we have the fact that most enquires are for in person in far away locations… What’s happening to Tutorful??? I guess all my rankings will go south but to be honest I’m not sure I’ll be able to continue with this…


Being perfectly honest, I am coming away from Tutorful after the half term and most, if not all, have agreed to follow! A LOT of the recent changes have really changed my views on them and I’d rather find parents my own way.


It’s just so frustrating they’ve been awesome for ages but now… I don’t blame you :hugs:


It is such a shame because I really rated them from when I first joined about a year ago but I just don’t see them benefitting me anymore. They’re taking a 20% cut of my pay for nothing now really. I didn’t mind with the old classroom and the advertising etc. that they were taking that because it was worth it to me but now I’m not using the classroom anymore (I’m paying £15 per month to use LearnCube) and I’m getting 0 contact from parents, it’s not worth it.

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I’m the same, always reliable untill recently.
Could I ask if learncube is worth it?


Honestly learn cube is definitely worth it!! It was actually the old classroom they used before they changed to their own! I love it and for £15 a month, it’s definitely worth it!


Thanks,vans good luck :four_leaf_clover: for the future


Thank you so much :heart:

Yeah it’s really strange I really really liked it but you get on the wrong side of the algorithm and it’s quite hard to get back… plus recently haven’t quite felt heard with any problems I’ve had when I’ve spoken to them… I think they’ve done so much for me in the past I’m going to stick with it and ride out what may just be a lull in the market on the whole…? Tutorful on a good day is pretty unbeatable… maybe it’s just a bad patch.

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I completely agree with everything you say…very disappointing

Maybe I’m lucky but I just don’t have the issues I see people complaining about a lot. I don’t have people contacting me for in-person lessons from far away (that happened once - and they agreed to go online). I don’t get loads of requests from people who haven’t read my availability, nor loads of requests who don’t respond to my initial response (I get a few of these but not enough to affect my booking score).

It could be that I’m lucky… or it could be that I have high scores and that therefore these problems are the result of the increase in competition? Perhaps parents message lots of people and respond more to the ones highest up the search rankings? Or perhaps it’s because I respond really quickly that they respond to me first? My average response time is 5 mins.

I can’t explain why many people seem to get loads of in-person requests from people far away or from people who haven’t read their availability though. I’m not sure why having high scores would protect from that. Maybe I just lack imagination to see a connection there or perhaps I am just lucky regarding those two complaints. Could it be that there is a correlation between a client’s motivation to search for a tutor lower down the search ranking and a client’s failure to check their timetable…? I’m speculating, I don’t know.

This might not be a popular view but it seems possible that at least some of these issues people complain of is the result of the increased competitiveness caused by the move to online-only. We are no longer competing against a few local tutors, but against every tutor in the UK! That is a huge change and it’s certainly going to have a negative effect on many tutors - however tutorful might see it as a good thing because an increase in competitiveness between their tutors seems likely to result in an increase in quality. A student is no longer limited to the best tutor in their town, they can find the best in the country. If tutorful like that outcome, they will think that the negative effects for some tutors in terms of being out-competed is worth it.

I used to have low scores and worked hard to get them higher (by lowering my prices, trying to make clients happy so they would continue lessons) to get higher ones). I’ve discussed this in other posts but there are lots of strategies you can employ to boost your scores. So I suppose what I’d say is focus on that! However, as I said, regarding getting lots of requests from in-person far away or from people not reading their timetable, you certainly have a valid complaint there as far as I can see so I don’t mean to undermine those complaints. I do agree that Tutorful absolutely should do more to ensure that a client understands the issue of online only and timetables before contacting a tutor.

Joel, I am very glad you haven’t suffered the issues I mentioned but, for the record, my rankings are all very high and my response time is 17 minutes so I suspect it may be down to luck…

I see, thanks for that clarification. Regarding in-person requests from far away, I certainly agree tutorful should do more to notify clients to prevent that. Regarding the issue of clients not responding, I agree I could just be lucky, though we would need real data on that perhaps. You could certainly be right that it would be caused by clients being more likely to message multiple tutors now that they are searching online and there are more tutors for them to message. I suppose the only fix to that would be to adjust the algorithm to weight failed client bookings less? However, I think some of the issues others have raised could be due to increased competition. It seems to me that would inevitably have a negative impact on some tutors.

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Hi all,

@Kate I’m sorry to hear that some students have not got back to you or have been requesting in person lessons. When this happens, please do get in touch with our Customer Success team who will support you further with this! We would never wish for a tutor’s scores to be unfairly impacted in any circumstance that is out of their control - definitely reach out directly so we can support you with your individual account.

@ns.tutoring As you have said, there have been changes recently and there will be more to come but we are confident that, with some time, our tutors and students will feel the benefit of the changes we make and new features we continue to introduce. We are here to support our tutors too through any changes and new feature introductions.

@p-scope - thank you for your kind words. As mentioned above, I would definitely get in touch with our Customer Success Team if your score drops unfairly! Sorry to hear that you haven’t felt heard when raising any issues recently, that’s definitely not something we would aim for - I will send you a private message as I’d like to discuss this further with you and resolve any problems where possible. I can see that you have also mentioned a reduced number of enquiries recently and things can be quite seasonal or possibly subject dependent. With exams being cancelled this year and the testing season coming to an end shortly, things do tend to quieten down but we do expect them to pick up again towards the summer as they usually do and we’re certainly looking towards another busy September so I would expect that you’ll see a change there soon.

@JoeL I’m really pleased to read that you have been having a positive experience, thank you for sharing that! As for students awareness of in-person lessons, I know this is something that has been suggested in another Community thread recently and it has been passed on internally as feedback for further consideration. As mentioned earlier, if a tutor feels that there has been an unfair impact on their score, I would highly encourage them to get in touch with us at Tutorful so that we can support them with their individual account. :slight_smile:

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Oh dear! Tutorful have been alienating some of its most faithful Tutors. They need to quickly reverse gears to prevent a crash. I too am trying other options. This company can’t continue to live of its reputation and the goodwill it created.


I could not agree more!


Great to hear. I think your experience is different as your subjects may not be in excess supply. Maths tutors would be hit the hardest I suspect.
Pays to diversify into niche areas. It’s all supply and demand in a competitive marketplace!